All characters in Disney Speedstorm

Sulley from Monsters, Inc. driving a kart in Disney Speedstorm.

Sulley from Monsters, Inc. driving a kart in Disney Speedstorm.

Before you dive into a race, you'll want to pick the best of the Disney Speedstorm characters. This new kart racer features all of the most iconic characters from the House of Mouse, so it's no surprise that fans want to know all of the familiar faces you can control.

In this guide, we'll list all the Disney Speedstorm characters that have been confirmed so far. Alongside that, we'll break down a few characters that are due to arrive in the game in the future, but aren't there just yet.

Disney Speedstorm characters list

The following characters have all been confirmed to appear in Disney Speedstorm when it releases in early access:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Beast
  • Belle
  • Mulan
  • Donald Duck
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Li Shang
  • Meg
  • Mowgli
  • Baloo
  • Hercules
  • Jack Sparrow

From what we've seen of beta footage, these are the racers that appear on the character selection screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Of course, this lineup could slightly change once the game enters its early access stage, but that remains to be seen. For now, these are the racers you'll be able to control.

Two karts about to go through a portal in Disney Speedstorm.
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All upcoming Disney Speedstorm characters

Fortunately, we already know of a few racers who are confirmed to arrive soon in Disney Speedstorm in the future.

So far, four new characters have been confirmed for Season 1 of Disney Speedstorm. It's all themed around the Monsters, Inc. films, so you won't be surprised to see which familiar faces are coming:

  • Celia Mae (Defender)
  • Mike Wazowski (Speedster)
  • Sully (Brawler)
  • Randall (Trickster)

It seems that each season of the game's ongoing live service model will introduce a roster of new characters based on a specific property. Considering so many famous Disney franchises, like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Lilo & Stitch are missing, we can expect plenty more characters to arrive in the future.

That's it for our look at the Disney Speedstorm characters! For more on the game, feel free to read up on whether Disney Speedstorm is free. We've also got a list of the best free Android racing games to check out.

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