Is Disney Speedstorm free?

Mickey Mouse driving a kart in Disney Speedstorm.

Mickey Mouse driving a kart in Disney Speedstorm.

With the game out now, fans are desperate to know whether Disney Speedstorm is free. This new kart racer features some of Disney's most recognisable characters, so it's no surprise everyone wants to get their hands on it.

In this guide, we'll look at whether Disney Speedstorm is free at launch, as well as whether it's set to turn free at any point in the future. That way, you'll know if you need to spend cash on the game or not!

Is Disney Speedstorm free?

At launch, Disney Speedstorm was not free, but it is now. The initial release was classed as the beginning of an early access period, which became a full free release later down the line. If you want access to the game at now, you can do so for free.

Prior to this, you had to buy Founder's Packs for Disney Speedstorm. These costed £24.99, and came with early access to the game, alongside these bonuses:

  • Two Golden Pass credits
  • Racer unlock pick
  • 4,000 Tokens
  • Exclusive cosmetics, including a skin and kart

As such, if you wanted to play it when the game first came out, you had to pay for Disney Speedstorm. This isn't the case any more, though, because it's now free.

Will Disney Speedstorm ever be free?

On the bright side, Disney Speedstorm is now free, because the early access period has ended. Gameloft released it for free in September 2023, meaning any sort of early access or paid model has ended.

As such, the Founder's Pack was more used as a way to play the game early and get exclusive cosmetics, rather than the only way to ever play Disney Speedstorm. You no longer need to wait until it properly launches for free to play, even if you missed out on the early-game experience.

That's it for our look at whether Disney Speedstorm is free! For more games like this, check out the best free Android racing games, as well as the best free multiplayer games.

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