Is Disney Speedstorm crossplay?

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An official image of Disney Speedstorm featuring some of the characters.
Credit: Disney, Disney/ Pixar, Gameloft.

With Disney Speedstorm releasing soon, players are excited about the characters they get to play with and the fantastical vehicles to ride from Disney's beloved worlds. Additionally, players hope they can face off against their friends in crossplay races, which will make the game all the more enjoyable. In line with that, we bring you this guide on Disney Speedstorm crossplay.

Developed by Gameloft Barcelona, Disney Speedstorm will be released on April 18 into early access. Players will be able to master unique skills of various Disney and Pixar characters and race against them in a thrilling arcade racing experience.

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Is Disney Speedstorm crossplay?

First off, you should know a bit about Disney Speedstorm. it's an arcade racing game set on high-speed circuits that features vast Disney and Pixar environments, such as Pirates of the Caribbean's Pirates Island track and The Jungle Book's Jungle Ruins map.

The game will have regular seasonal content updates which will feature new racers, tracks, and collectibles dropping in regularly. So far, some of the confirmed characters include Beast, Belle, Hercules, Meg, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Elizabeth Swann, Mulan, Sulley, and Mike Wazowski among others.

An official screenshot of Disney Speedstorm gameplay.
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Credit: Disney, Disney/ Pixar, Gameloft.

In a one-minute trailer from the Nintendo America Twitter account, it was revealed that crossplay will be available in Disney Speedstorm. This means that players across various platforms can play with one another.

Take note that Disney Speedstorm will be a free-to-play racing video game that will be released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game offers early access packs for players to purchase. These include in-game tokes, Golden Pass credits, cosmetics, racer characters, and more.

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