How to earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm

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Belle and the Beast racing in Disney Speedstorm.

Collecting tokens in Disney Speedstorm is crucial if you want to start progressing and unlocking new items. Tokens are one of the various currencies in the new Disney kart racer, so you'll need to know exactly how to get them.

In this guide, we'll break down how to earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm, and the various ways in which you can use them. With that information, you'll be ready to hit the store and spend your bounty of tokens!

How do I earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm?

To earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm, you need to complete specific quests and objectives. Namely, it's the Seasonal Events you want to focus on grinding through, while also setting good lap times on the Starter Circuits. You'll get tokens for both completing the aforementioned events, while also earning them for racing through Starter Circuits as a pseudo-tutorial.

If you want to get tokens without grinding through objectives and levels, there doesn't seem to be a way to pay for them using real money in the store. Therefore, you'll have to put the hours in to gameplay in order to stack up your tokens?

How do I use tokens in Disney Speedstorm?

Once you've got some tokens together in Disney Speedstorm, there's a vast range of ways for you to spend them. First and foremost, you can use tokens to purchase Upgrade materials, which can boost all stats from your speed to handling. On top of that, they're the currency required to purchase the Golden Pass, though items within that battle pass use credits instead of tokens.


Even further, tokens can be used to purchase Starter Packs and Season Boxes in the store, as well as some of the promoted items in the Daily Specials section of the shop. Lastly, you'll end up using tokens to buy Season Coins, which are required to buy Universal Boxes, containing a whole host of items and resources.

That's it for our look at tokens in Disney Speedstorm! For even more information on the game, check out how to drift, as well as all the confirmed tracks so far. On top of that, read up on all the Mickey Mouse suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm.

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