All game modes in Disney Speedstorm

Mulan racing against Mickey Mouse in Disney Speedstorm.

Mulan racing against Mickey Mouse in Disney Speedstorm.

Once you first jump into the game, you'll no doubt want to test out all the Disney Speedstorm game modes. While it may be a racing game, Gameloft has still added a range of ways to race around as your favourite characters.

In this guide, we'll explore all the modes currently confirmed in Disney Speedstorm. These could well change once the early access ends and it goes into a public release, so it's worth testing them all out while you can!

All game modes in Disney Speedstorm

So far, the following game modes have been confirmed to appear in Disney Speedstorm:

  • Local Freeplay
  • Private Track
  • Ranked Multiplayer
  • Regulated Multiplayer
  • Boss Mode
  • Floating Objects
  • Fog Challenge
  • Single Skill

Now, let's look at each mode in a little more detail.

Local Freeplay and Private Track

These modes both focus on letting you create custom races, as per the game's FAQ page. Little else is known so far, however. If we had to guess, we'd say Private Track is a more customisable mode, where you can pick bot opponents and tweak the stats accordingly. Local Freeplay is likely to be a more laidback racing mode, which may be online, doing battle with friends.


There are two confirmed multiplayer modes in Disney Speedstorm: Ranked and Regulated. The former is exactly what you'd expect from a ranked mode, with the matchmaking pitting you against racers of a similar skill level. Regulated will be slightly different, as it "allows players to compete head-to-head on an equal playing field with every racer at the same level."

Boss Mode

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In this mode, you'll go one-on-one against a designated AI opponent. As the name suggests, it won't be an easy task, because bosses will be much tougher and faster than regular opponents.

These Boss Mode races will come at the end of each section of the main story mode, where you progress through a map of individual CPU-driven races. You'll need to defeat each boss to unlock the next stage of the progression ladder, so brace yourself for a challenge.

Floating Objects

Floating Objects races are broadly similar to regular gameplay in Disney Speedstorm, with one big caveat. Instead of boost and power-up boxes being at ground level, they're hoisted up in mid-air. Therefore, you'll need to find innovative ways to reach them, by perfectly timing your boost ability.

Fog Challenge

In Fog Challenge races, you're line of sight is brutally impaired due to fog covering most of the track.

The game also removes the mini map, so only those with elite track knowledge will be able to claim victory.

Single Skill

The last mode we know of so far in Disney Speedstorm is Single Skill, where only one type of power-up is available in the random boxes strewn across the track. You'll have to balance the perks of the power-up in question, while also letting your driving skill do the talking.

Those are all of the Disney Speedstorm modes we know of so far! As soon as more are announced, we'll update this guide. Until then, feel free to read up on whether Disney Speedstorm is free, as well as all the confirmed characters in the game.

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