How to get the Wishbone achievement in Dead Space remake

Isaac and a necromorph in Dead Space remake

Isaac and a necromorph in Dead Space remake

The Dead Space remake is a game with so many secrets for you to find. New guns, upgrade paths, and suits will keep you exploring for hours, but the trophies will take you even longer. Here's how to unlock the Dead Space remake Wishbone achievement.

Like the rest of the game's achievements, this may take you a little while if you're searching around in the dark of the USG Ishimura. Luckily, there's an easy way to unlock this trophy.

Before you get this achievement, there are some things you should probably know about the game. Here are all the Dead Space remake changes, how to toggle between quality and performance mode, and how many chapters are in the game.

How to get the Dead Space remake Wishbone achievement

The Dead Space remake Wishbone achievement states:

Rip off a dangling limb using kinesis

This is earned by using the kinesis module you find in Chapter 2, to tear off the limb of any of the bodies on board. Crucially, this includes dead bodies, not just enemies pacing towards you.

There are tonnes of different bodies hanging from places throughout the game, so you shouldn't have to look too hard. Luckily, there's one specific place you can find easy bodies to do it.

In the medical area in Chapter 2, you can find the security station. Go down into the main lab and take the elevator down into the changing room. Here, you will find a handful of suits next to each other hanging from the wall. Just use kinesis on them and you will get the achievement.

As you aren't technically ripping limbs off, this may be patched in a future update. Just keep an eye out for bodies as you go through the game, and you should get this trophy with little hassle.

Isaac floating in zero-gravity in the Dead Space remake
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Now that you know how to get this achievement, you may want some more tips to help you out. If so, here are the best upgrades in the Dead Space remake, the best Plasma Cutter build, and how to get the Line Gun in the Dead Space remake. Even a decade and a half after the original, there's still so much to figure out.

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