Best Dead Space remake Plasma Cutter build

Isaac finding the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space remake

Isaac finding the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space remake
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Ammo is an incredibly important resource in horror games. Sometimes, to make the most out of it, you have to pick the right weapons. If you are looking for the best Dead Space remake Plasma Cutter build guide, here's our ideal loadout.

Being the first, and possibly most iconic, weapon in the entire Dead Space series, the Plasma Cutter has a bit of a limited purpose. If you don't use it effectively, you may be wasting valuable ammo. In this guide, we'll go over how to spend your upgrade points, how to use the weapon, and everything else you should know.

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The best Dead Space remake plasma cutter build

If you're looking to make your Plasma Cutter more effective, you need to first find it, then grab some Power Nodes from around the world. Go to your nearest workbench and start putting them into the gun. There are four main stats you upgrade with the Plasma Cutter: damage, capacity, reload, and speed.

Generally speaking, your priority early on is to increase your damage. This will help you conserve your ammunition, making later encounters easier. Of course, you can only upgrade stats adjacent to your current unlocks, so it's not like you can instantly put all your points in damage. As you get on, you should spread out your points evenly to make your Plasma Cutter well rounded. All stats will positively impact the game so make sure to look around thoroughly for any Power Nodes.

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Once you have spent a few points in those places, the Plasma Cutter will start to take down enemies much easier. You can risk using a more ammo the further you get into the game.

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Isaac picking up the flamethrower in the Dead Space remake.
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How should you use the Dead Space remake Plasma Cutter?

The key to getting the most out of the Plasma Cutter is using it in the right way. You don't want to just upgrade it - you should make sure your Stasis and health are high enough to keep you pushing through. Stasis is an incredibly valuable skill when paired with the Plasma Cutter. You should use it to cut off limbs and freeze enemies in place to then ultimately kill them with melee.

You want your Plasma Cutter to slowly become your backup weapon, favouring more powerful guns like the Pulse Rifle. In doing so, upgrading magazine capacity effectively allows you to carry more ammo in your inventory. Always make sure to have a backup clip ready for when you've been pushed into a corner.

From here, learn how to use its different fire modes effectively. The Dead Space remake has a skin and sinew system that shows you more bone the more damage you do to a necromorph. This allows you to manage the amount of shots by knowing when an enemy is close to death. Learn when enemies are almost dead, and land one last hit in to finish them off.

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