How to get the Line Gun in Dead Space remake

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Isaac toggling through the weapon wheel in the Dead Space remake.
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The Dead Space remake can be a pretty tough game if you aren't paying attention. Tasked with managing ammo and resources, you want to efficiently use your gear to get by. If you're playing the game and wondering how to get the Dead Space remake Line Gun, this is everything you should know.

In this guide, we go over how to get the Line Gun, what you should know about it, and how it should slot into your loadout. It's a pretty strong weapon you can get early on. It's definitely worth trying out in the Dead Space remake.


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Isaac walking down a dark hallway in the Dead Space remake.

How to get the Dead Space remake Line Gun

There are two major points in the story where you can find the Line Gun. In Chapter 4, you can grab the Line Gun in the emergency storage room right after getting the Level 2 security clearance from Hammond. This room is found in the medical deck of the Ishimura clinic, and you need to use a power cell to get there. Getting it here will save you a tough fight later on.


If you don't get it in Chapter 4, find the Hunter in the emergency room and head down the adjacent hallway. You will find a door you can use your Level 2 security clearance on. It will be in here, alongside some supplies and a power node. It's a powerful weapon with a wide arc. You can use it to damage multiple enemies at once, making it particularly great for crowd control.

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