Dead Space remake Leviathan boss fight guide

Isaac shooting at one of the Leviathan's tendrils in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac shooting at one of the Leviathan's tendrils in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac Clarke's first major challenge is fighting the Leviathan boss in Dead Space remake. You'll encounter this hulking behemoth of a necromorph at the end of Chapter 6, marking a huge battle at the halfway point of the game.

In this Dead Space remake guide, we'll walk you through the Leviathan boss fight. It isn't the most taxing battle out there, but you'll still need some strategy to survive. On top of that, we'll also outline the rewards you get for succeeding.

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How to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space remake

The Leviathan boss fight takes place at the end of Chapter 6 of Dead Space. You've spent the past hour or so trying to gain access to the Food Storage area, which is locked down due to the presence of a massive necromorph infestation. That all amounts to one last battle against the Leviathan, to blast it into the atmosphere and restore some semblance of normality to the Ishimura.

On the radio, your colleague will warn you that the Leviathan is prevent normal service from resuming in the Food Storage compartment. Isaac decides to take it down himself, leading you through the door and into the fight.

It all starts in the pitch black, as you hover in mid-air while the lights come on and Leviathan appears. It has three tendrils that swing out towards you, which you'll need to dodge. These emerge one at a time, and unearth a cluster of glowing yellow flesh at the bottom of each tendril. Shoot those with all the firepower you have, and throw the red gas canisters at them to cause an explosion.

Once you've taken out the three tendrils using this method, the Leviathan's head emerges. It's yet another glowing yellow spot, but this time it shoots out projectiles. You need to dodge these or use your thrusters to pick them up and return to sender.

Doing this leads to the third phase of the fight. Things go all dark, and both the spindly tendrils and Leviathan's head emerge for one last onslaught. Focus your efforts on the head, still, as all of its resources are thrown at you. Land a few more hits, and the Leviathan will die.

Isaac Clarke approaching the Leviathan in a dark cavern in the Dead Space remake.
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What are the rewards for defeating the Leviathan boss?

After you've killed the Leviathan, Isaac returns back to some sense of normality. Of course, the USG Ishimura is still swamped with the undead, but there's one less boss to worry about.

However, there aren't any major rewards for defeating the boss. You will get a trophy, called Exterminator, and end Chapter 6 to move onto the rest of the story. However, don't expect any rare loot as an incentive for defeating the boss.

That's it for our look at how to defeat the Leviathan boss in the Dead Space remake! For more on the game, check out how to unlock the hidden ending, as well as whether the game is on Game Pass.

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