Dead Space Remake pre order bonuses - How to claim and all editions

Isaac Clarke walking through a hangar in Dead Space
Credit: EA

Isaac Clarke walking through a hangar in Dead Space
Credit: EA
January 26, 2023: Dead Space Remake is finally out tomorrow.

We’re returning once again to the planet-cracking ship, the USG Ishimura, in January with the release of the Dead Space remake. If you’re wondering what’s in the Dead Space remake pre-order bonuses, or what’s in each of the Dead Space editions, then this guide will take you through them.

The original Dead Space was released in 2008 and became an instant classic with its unique take on horror. The story follows Isaac Clarke as he boards the USG Ishimura in order to find out what happened to his girlfriend, Nicole. Fortunately, if you pre order the game, you'll be in for some extras!

For more news about the Dead Space remake, check out our latest article about the changes to the plasma cutter and pulse rifle ahead of the game's release! We also have answers as to whether you can play the Dead Space remake in co-op and if the Dead Space remake will be on Game Pass.

Dead Space remake pre order bonuse - How to redeem and all editions

Dead Space and Dead Space 2 cover art
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Credit: Steam
Steam users who pre-order the remake will also receive a copy of Dead Space 2

Dead Space pre-order bonuses

If you’ve pre-ordered the Dead Space remake on Steam then you’re in luck, as the only known pre order bonus is exclusive to the PC platform. You’ll be given a free copy of Dead Space 2 once the game launches on January 27, 2023. This will be automatically added to your library, so you don’t need to worry about how to redeem it.

Unfortunately for players on console, there are no other pre order bonuses available. This also goes for people who have pre ordered it on other launchers like the EA App or Epic Games. The free Dead Space 2 copy is exclusive to Steam.

The selection of different suits available in the deluxe version of Dead Space
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Credit: EA
There is a bonus suit texture offered to EA Play Pro Members

Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition

The Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition includes both the base game and five exclusive cosmetics. These are three unique suits and two further suit textures. These will hopefully give you the confidence you need to take on the horrors of the USG Ishimura.

All of the items available from the Collector's edition of the Dead Space Remake from Limited Run.
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Credit: Limited Run

Dead Space Collector's Edition

The Dead Space Collector's Edition is a physical bundle that can be ordered from Limited Run. Not only does it come with a physical steelbook with the game, but also has a bunch of cool Dead Space items.

The Dead Space Collector's Edition includes:

  • Digital EA app code for Dead Space Standard Edition on PC
  • Digital Deluxe content includes five exclusive cosmetics, three unique suits and two suit textures
  • Dead Space collector's box
  • Full-size wearable Isaac Helmet with working lights
  • Dead Space CD soundtrack
  • Lithograph print
  • Foil stamped lithograph folio
  • Four mini posters
  • Ishimura patch
  • Marker enamel pin
  • Metal 4" marker statue
  • Dead Space steelbook

That's it for our look at the Dead Space remake pre orders! For even more on the game, check out whether you can save Hammond, as well as the best weapons to use once the horror begins.

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