Where is the Peng Treasure location in Dead Space remake?

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Isaac Clarke looking at a Peng billboard in the Dead Space remake.
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Hardcore completionists will no doubt want to know the Peng Treasure location in Dead Space remake. One of the most recognisable hallmarks in EA's survival horror series is the presence of one singular Peng Treasure item in each game. These show up just once in each playthrough, but can be sold for vast rewards if you're able to find it.

In this guide, we'll break down the Peng Treasure location in the Dead Space remake. With the game out now, we've done the busywork and found the Peng Treasure, so you can head to this spot and instantly grab it.


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Where is the Peng Treasure location in the Dead Space remake?

In the Dead Space remake, the only Peng Treasure collectible can be found in Chapter 11. From the main hangar bay, head to the north-west corner, as you can see in the map below.

The map showing the Peng Treasure location in the Dead Space remake.

Of course, it's not quite that easy. The Peng Treasure will be out of reach for Isaac, as it's stuck behind two crates.. Therefore, you need to use your Kinesis ability to move them out the way. Then open both the lockers in that corner, and it'll be yours.

From there, you can take the Peng Treasure to any Store and sell it. In the remake it fetches 30,000 credits, just as in the original. That's plenty of cash to purchase ammo or health kits, or to buy nodes for skill upgrades.

On top of that, the remake comes with a trophy called There's Always Peng! As expect, this only pops when you come across the Peng Treasure. Therefore, those searching for the platinum trophy or 1,000 Gamerscore will need to grab it.

That's everything you need to know about finding the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space remake! If you want even more on the game, check out whether it has New Game Plus, as well as how to unlock the hidden ending.