Dead Space remake patch notes - VRS PS5 fix and more

Isaac in the tram in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac in the tram in the Dead Space remake.

Though Dead Space launched in a pretty fantastic state, it still has some launch issues. If you are running into bugs and want to see the latest Dead Space remake patch notes, this is what you should know.

With the new Dead Space remake comes huge new scares. This being said, an unfortunate technical error left some PS5 users with subpar textures. The latest patch goes a long way to fixing that.

If you're playing the game for yourself and need some tips, here are the best upgrades in Dead Space remake, the best Plasma Cutter build, and how to toggle quality and performance mode.

Dead Space remake 1.003 patch notes - VRS fix and more

The new 1.003 update has just dropped, fixing graphical issues and getting rid of any small bugs the team can find. As of right now, we don't have official patch notes but we do know everything they were working on, as per a community update on Reddit. With green indicating things already fixed, yellow indicating things that are close to fix, and red showing the harder problems, here is the full list:

Dead Space remake ongoing problems

  • Stuttering on PC - still in investigation
  • Infinite death loops - investigating. Recommended to check your game isn’t installed on an HDD
  • Chapter-specific items not spawning or bugs preventing progression - investigating. If on PC, please double check your game is not installed to an HDD, and instead to an SSD

Dead Space remake issues close to fix

  • Issues accepting user agreements - Hotfix is to unplug your console for 30 seconds and plug it back in
  • PC version stuck on rendering shaders, crashing, refusing to start up, among others
  • PC version suffering sprinting, keyboard, and controller issues

Dead Space remake resolved issues

  • PS5 major graphical issues. Patch is out on PS5 and Steam, EA Play and Xbox in progress
  • Xbox users not able to stream the game to Twitch
  • NVIDIA graphics drivers issues
  • Items missing, including battery, weapons, and schematics, invisible enemies
  • Limited Run Games pre order codes not working

When is the next Dead Space remake PS5 update?

The last patch went out to PC and PS5 initially on January 31, 2023. It will be coming to Xbox soon. It seems likely that the next set of bugs will be worked on by the team over the coming days for a new patch over the next week or two. We'll update you here as more information comes in.

If you're looking to get in there and play it for yourself after the latest patch, here are all the Dead Space remake changes, how long the Dead Space remake is, and the best upgrades.

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