How to fix the comms array in Dead Space remake

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Isaac Clarke floating in mid-air while fixing the comms array in the Dead Space remake.
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With the game out now, you may be wondering how to fix the comms array in the Dead Space remake. While not the most combat-intensive or downright difficult section in Motive Studios' flashy remake, it can be fiendish if you don't know what to do.

In this guide, we'll break down how to fix the comms array in the Dead Space remake. It's more of a puzzle than a specific challenge, but either way it can cause some anguish, since the game doesn't give you much direction.


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Isaac Clarke approaching the broken comms array in the Dead Space remake.

How do I fix the comms array in the Dead Space remake?

Isaac's task to fix the comms array comes during Chapter 8, as you enter a vast gravity-free chamber. Isaac's original job as an engineer comes in handy here, because he needs to tweak the circuitry to get the communications system running again.


After you've taken out a few necromorphs lurking in the chamber, floating around you, it's time to pull out your Stasis ability. Similar to the hacking minigame in the Watch Dogs series, your task is to adjoin a full circuit from the starting point to the centre of the chamber, which will switch the comms array back on.

To do this, you need to place directional tubes that connect existing blue links to the full route leading to the centre. Using your Stasis ability, yank out red blocking modules, which are emblazoned with a red lightning bolt. Then, place the directional ones - which have white corner symbols denoting the direction of the circuit - into the right places.

It can be fiddly, especially since the zero-gravity atmosphere means Isaac will very frequently rotate upside-down. However, once you know what to do it's a fairly straightforward logic puzzle. There are only four or five different directional pads, so fiddle around with their positions and you'll complete this task in no time.


That's it for our guide on how to fix the comms array in the Dead Space remake! For more, check out the best weapon in the game, as well as how to change suits.