Dead Island 2 guns list - All weapons confirmed so far

Dead Island 2 player holding gun on beach in front of zombies
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 player holding gun on beach in front of zombies
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 24, 2023: Dead Island 2 comes with a huge arsenal of guns. Take a closer look at all of the available guns in our guide showcasing the full list of firearms.

In order to defeat zombies effectively, you should know your arsenal, and today we've got all the intel on the Dead Island 2 guns list. Although Dead Island 2 is known for its selection of melee weapons, there are plenty of guns you can use to battle the undead.

Certain gun categories perform differently in various scenarios. Ranging from mobile SMGs to shotguns, there are guns to deal plenty of damage against and zombies standing in the way.

But, before we take a closer look at the Dead Island 2 guns, be sure to check out our guides showcasing the full character list and the selection of pre-order bonuses.

Dead Island 2 confirmed gun list

The character is shooting zombies in Dead Island 2.
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Before we start listing all the firearms, it's worth noting that the Dead Island 2 release date is still a few weeks away meaning we don't know the entire weapon arsenal just yet. Once we do, we'll continue updating the list so you know which guns are available.

Here is the list of all guns we know so far in Dead Island 2:

  • Handgun – A small, well-rounded pistol that deals mediocre damage. Moderate fire rate and damage output.
  • Machine Pistol – An automatic pistol that has a high fire rate.
  • Revolver – A classic pistol with high damage output. You can wield two revolvers at the same time.
  • Heavy Pistol – A slow but powerful pistol that is slightly easier to use compared to the revolver.
  • Stinger – Suppressed pistol.
  • Pump Action Shotgun – A powerful and precise shotgun with a low fire rate.
  • Lever-Action Shotgun – An old-school shotgun with extremely powerful shots.
  • Combat Shotgun – A shotgun with the highest fire rate in its class.
  • Assault Rifle – A rifle with a high fire rate, decent damage, and strong recoil.
  • Battle Rifle – A fully automatic rifle with high damage output.
  • LMG – An automatic weapon with a huge ammo capacity and powerful shots. The machine gun is especially deadly when it has the three barrels upgrade.
  • Fiesta Launcher – A weird-looking gun that shoots different things such as medkits or red barrels.
  • Slicer – A crossbow-like thing that uses saw blades instead of bolts.
  • Crossbow – A classic crossbow with high accuracy and damage.
  • Repeating Crossbow – A modified version of the standard crossbow that can be loaded with more than one bolt.

What is the best Dead Island 2 gun?

With the game not out until mid-April, it's currently impossible to tell which is the best Dead Island 2 gun. After we compare and contrast the weapon arsenal, we'll update the guide with a definitive tier list ranking the guns from best to worst.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the Dead Island 2 gun list. For more, take a look at our guides revealing whether the game is cross-platform and when the game is set.

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