When is Dead Island 2 set?

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 zombie on Santa Monica beach
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 zombie on Santa Monica beach
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 24, 2023: Where and when is Dead Island 2 set? Find out everything you need to know in our guide.

Just when is Dead Island 2 set? Is the sequel really a sequel? A prequel? A side-story? Stay tuned to find out all the details about the new RPG that's available to play right now.

A camera pans across the desiccated streets of Los Angeles and a blood-soaked Hollywood Boulevard - zombies slamming on the doors of fancy, glam mansions. The narrator warns you that your timing for a fun LA vacation couldn’t be worse. The streets of the sunny city are crawling with infected folk who’d love nothing more than to gnaw on your flesh.

When is Dead Island 2 set?

Dead Island 2 is said to be set approximately ten years after the original outbreak on the island of Banoi in Dead Island. It follows the events of the final days of Los Angeles’ quick evacuation and quarantine, which leads to a decision by authorities: no one enters and no one leaves.

The city moulds itself into an island paradise gone awry, continuing forward the idea of the first game.

Described as “paradise meets hell”, the developers of Dead Island 2 take the city of dreams and aspirations and turn it into a chaotic bid for survival where you're left stumbling through the horrors of a city-wide outbreak of zombies.

Are there any returning characters in Dead Island 2?

Though we can't say for certain whether any survivors from the original game will return in the follow-up, the suppose ten-year time gap could see any returning favourites play the part of zombie survival experts, shepherding the remaining LA survivors through the turmoil.

Who are the new Dead Island 2 characters?

Being a new location and a new point in time, as well as a massive city rather than a small vacation island, Dead Island 2 features a large cast of new characters who've had to quickly adapt to their uprooted lifestyle.

Bruno, according to the devs, is the man with a plan. A certified charmer with deadly knife skills to boot, Bruno is an all-rounder who knows his way around his hometown LA.

Dani, an LA newbie originally hailing from County Cork in the southwest of Ireland, has a colourful background in roller derby. She also has no trouble mowing down Zombies in the infected streets of LA.

Lastly in Amy, a decorated Paralympian. She uses her quick mind and intelligence to find the best way to crush the zombies in her path. She is focused, cool, and collected. She makes zombie apocalypse survival look like a piece of cake.

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