A guide to the Ruins map in Dark and Darker

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A lone adventurer lit by a brazier entering the ruins from Dark and Darker
Credit: Ironmace Games

Welcome to the ruins, one of the most unique maps in Dark and Darker. Within the ruins lie legendary treasures and precious loot, waiting to be discovered amidst a multitude of threats. Join us as we investigate the Dark and Darker Ruins map and discover some of the secrets hidden within the ruins.

The ruins stand out for a simple reason: they're out in the open. In Dark and Darker, you usually wind through narrow, dim passageways, making the outdoor ruins a stark contrast to the usual experience. However, the ruins are brimming with monsters, so don't anticipate a smoother ride than usual!

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What does the Dark and Darker Ruins map look like?

The Dark and Darker Ruins map has a very uniform format, with the map divided into a 5x5 grid of different areas.

At the heart of the map stands a ruined castle. Here, skeleton ambushers wait, ready to strike down any unwary adventurer who ventures in.

Dark and Darker ruins map
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Credit: Ironmace Games
Ruins Map

Outside the castle walls, there are many locations to discover, such as a graveyard to the southwest, a hidden treasure room beneath the western bridge, and even a secret underground temple in the northeast.

However, some truly treacherous monsters lurk within the ruins. These enemies will require careful preparation to best them, whether playing solo or with friends.

Where can I find the mini-bosses in the ruins?

In the ruins, there are no bosses present. Nevertheless, there are a couple of mini-bosses you can hunt down. Defeating these mini-bosses can lead to obtaining rare and valuable loot, so knowing where to find them is incredibly important.

The Giant Worm

With a whopping 1200 HP, the Giant Worm is currently the most resilient mini-boss in Dark and Darker. You can find the Giant Worm at the centre of the ruins map.

Alongside its substantial health, the Giant Worm can also pack a punch with its attacks, with lethal bites and the ability to spit poison. Thankfully, the Giant Worm attacks slowly and can easily be evaded with careful positioning.

The Giant Worm, found in the Dark and Darker ruins
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Credit: Ironmace Games
The Giant Worm

To chip away at the Giant Worm's health as fast as possible, focus on dealing melee damage, as it is resistant to magic and projectile damage.

The Giant Worm also has a chance of dropping the Old Rusty Key. This item can be used to open a hidden chest with some valuable loot.

The Cockatrice

Half-dragon, half-cockerel: the Cockatrice is a memorable and bizarre beast. You can encounter the Cockatrice in the area east of the ruins centre, or in the room south of the north-easternmost zone.

Dark and Darker ruins map, detailing the spawn locations of the Cockatrice mini boss.
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All the possible Cockatrice spawn locations

The trick to triumphing over the Cockatrice? Seize the high ground. Perch atop a nearby Large Chest to evade its close-quarters strikes and its petrifying shriek.

Alternatively, lure the Cockatrice to the central chamber. Keep it stuck in the northeast corner of the room, a safe spot for an easy takedown.


Just remember, you'll be in the bustling centre of the map, so you're more likely to encounter other players. Choose your strategy wisely to conquer this mythic menace!

With the knowledge of where the toughest monsters can be found, your journeys through the ruins should be much easier. If you're looking for more Dark and Darker guides like this, why not check out our weapon tier list, or learn how XP works in Dark and Darker and how to find Golden Keys?

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