Best Fighter build in Dark and Darker

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Fighter in Dark and Darker
Credit: YoutTube Tehcno

If you have just started, you are definitely looking for the best Fighter build in Dark and Darker. There are as many as eight classes in the game, but you may need to spend dozens of hours to master even one of them.

Dark and Darker got a lot of hype because of the mix of genres, as well as the class system, which is not something new at all, but it gave a second wind to the battle royale genre. And although Fighter has fairly simple mechanics, in fact, it is one of the top-tier characters in the game.

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Best Fighter build in Dark and Darker

Fighter in Dark and Darker
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Credit: YoutTube Tehcno

Depending on the build, you can be a shield for your team or deal so much damage that opponents will not have time to realize what happened.

Best skills

Fighter skills can have a huge impact on the battlefield when used correctly. For example, Sprint will allow you to quickly change position, escape or come to the aid of an ally, and Second Wind will be your best friend in one-versus-ove battles. Here is a list of the best skill for Fighter:

  • Second Wind - Restores half of your HP, neutralizes the negative effects of Adrenaline Rush, but cooldowns only at the campfire.
  • Sprint - Significantly increases your move speed for a short time.
  • Taunt - You increase the aggro value of monsters by half within a certain radius and gain additional physical defence.

Best perks

The fighter has great perks that will suit you both for the team and solo play. If you are playing in a team, feel free to opt for perks for survivability. Most likely, your teammates will be damage dealers, so it would be wise to take on the role of a tank.

If you go to the dungeons alone, it is better to choose perks that will maximize the impact of using two weapons at the same time. Separately, it is worth highlighting Weapon Mastery, which is suitable for both builds and will allow you to get a significant advantage from long-range weapons. Below are the best perks to use in damage or tank builds:

  • Weapon Mastery - You can equip any weapon, but non-native weapons receive physical damage reduction.
  • Swift - The movement speed penalty from equipping armour becomes reduced, but this does not apply to modifiers.
  • Defense Expert - The armour rating that you get from equipped armour becomes higher.
  • Projectile Resistance - You get less damage from projectiles.
  • Combo Attack - After you attack the enemy twice, the power of your next physical attacks will be increased.
  • Dual Wield - If you have a weapon in both hands, the action speed will be increased.
  • Slayer - You cannot equip plate armour, but instead, your damage will be increased if you have a weapon in each hand.

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