How to get Golden Keys in Dark and Darker

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A promotional image from Dark and Darker showing a team opening a Golden Key chest.

Once you know how to get Golden Keys in Dark and Darker, you’ll have access to a reliable source of high-end gear. They’re not easy to get, but they are relatively easy to find. Yes, they’re two different things. So while you’ll need to be skilled to grab them, the method will be infinitely repeatable, and easier as you practice more and more.

Throughout Dark and Darker, you’ll be on a quest to defeat tougher monsters and acquire better loot. Once you’re built up enough to take on some of each map’s boss monsters, you’ll be in a prime position to loot Golden Keys you can use to roll on rarer and more powerful equipment.

How to get Golden Keys in Dark and Darker

You can find Golden Keys in Dark and Darker simply by taking on specific bosses.

The Lich, Skeleton Champion, and the Ghost King bosses can all drop a Golden Key on death. They’re difficult bosses you’ll generally need a well-organised team to defeat. But once you know how the fights work, you’ll be able to optimise each subsequent run to speed up the process.

What maps have Golden Keys in Dark and Darker?

The three bosses capable of dropping a Golden Key can appear in the Inferno and Crypt maps, leaving the Goblin Cave with its Cave Troll boss as the one map where you won’t find a Golden Key.

How to use Golden Keys in Dark and Darker

Golden Keys are used to open Treasure Hoards, potentially dropping high-tier legendary items. Each key opens the chest one time, giving four rolls from the standard Treasure Hoard loot table and one roll from the Treasure Hoard Weapon loot table.

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