Is Dark and Darker crossplay?

Multiple characters are in the dungeon in Dark and Darker crossplay.
Credit: YouTube Dark and Darker

Multiple characters are in the dungeon in Dark and Darker crossplay.
Credit: YouTube Dark and Darker

Ironmace's dungeon-crawling game has been in early release for some time, and so people are naturally already wondering whether Dark and Darker will have crossplay. The game features online PvE and PvP modes and fans therefore hope to play together with their comrades, even if they have different platforms.

But even before its release, a large number of players were already looking forward to Dark and Darker. Especially since some of its mechanics resembled Escape from Tarkov only in a fantasy setting. So adding crossplay would be a great help in increasing the game's popularity.

Additionally, if you are looking for even more information about this game, we have plenty of helpful Dark and Darker guides on classes! For instance, the Warlock class if you fancied some magical abilities, as well as the Bard class for some musical damage.

Multiple characters are in the dungeon in Dark and Darker crossplay.
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Credit: YouTube Dark and Darker crossplay

Will Dark and Darker have crossplay?

Currently, there is no crossplay in Dark and Darker.

The game was developed by Ironmace, which is an indie studio with limited resources in comparison to some bigger developers. So at the moment, they have released Dark and Darker for Windows only. For many, this was a surprise, but it is normal for a mid-budget game in early access to have very few or just one platform.

But there is some good news as well. Back in 2022, the developer confirmed that the team was working on a console version. Although it is not yet known when it will be released, so there's no official news on crossplay just yet.

Will Dark and Darker have cross-progression?

Moreover, just like with crossplay, there is no information about cross-progression in Dark and Darker at the moment. But, given the importance of these features for online multiplayer games, it is very likely that they will potentially be adding it sometime later.

It is, however, expected that Dark and Darker will be released from early access in about a year. So we think that over this time the developers will do all the necessary work, including hopefully looking into cross-progression as well as crossplay.

But for now, you won't even be able to buy it on Steam, because Valve has removed Dark and Darker from the storefront due to copyright issues. While Ironmace is trying to resolve this, you can download it from their official website or from their partner Chaf Games. Additionally, be sure to check out our guide on how to change your name in Baldur’s Gate 3, for even more fantasy fun.

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