Dark and Darker Bard class - Best perks and songs

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Dark and Darker statue looking down

If you’re looking for a guide on the Dark and Darker Bard class, you’re in the right place. The upcoming fantasy game Dark and Darker by South Korean studio Ironmace contains elements of battle royale, and is expected in Q4 of this year. Fans of fantasy and battle royale genres alike are looking forward to this first-person dungeon crawler, so if you’re one of them, don’t miss out!

In battle royale games, players need to navigate their way across a map and avoid or kill their enemies, finishing up with a successful extraction. Dark and Darker will take this concept to the next level with their dungeon crawler aspects, while selecting a character class out of seven possible options. One of the classes that players are curious to know more about is the bard, so let’s find out all about the Dark and Darker bard class in this guide!

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What are the Bard's skills and perks in Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker has revealed four skills that you can choose while playing the Bard class. These are core abilities which are unique to a particular class. The skills for the Bard are Dissonance, Encore, Song Memory, and Song Memory 2. As the Bard can play music, the skills are music-related, and the character can play songs to attack opponents. You will need to right-click to play a song using a musical instrument.

As for perks, you can select up to four perks for each class once they have reached their maximum level. The Dark and Darker Bard class has five revealed perks at this time:

  • Lore Mastery - Allows you to increase interaction speed
  • Melodic Protection - Boosts your shield
  • Rapier Mastery - Increases the damage and speed of your rapier
  • Wanderer’s Luck - Boosts your chances of finding valuable items in chests
  • Warsong - Increases the attacking power of nearby teammates
Dark and Darker player walking through dungeons
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Best Bard build in Dark and Darker

When you’re playing the Dark and Darker Bard class, you’ll need to know about their songs. Four songs have been revealed so far, which are as follows:

  • Accelerando - Boosts movement speed for nearby allies
  • Chaotic Discord - Causes your opponents to turn on themselves
  • Peacemaking - Enchants all players not to fight
  • Tranquility - Restores health

When you start playing Dark and Darker, you will need to start looking for a musical instrument as a weapon for your Bard as soon as possible.

Just like a wizard or cleric uses a spellbook, a Bard will need to use a musical instrument to attack foes. Fortunately, there's a variety of instruments available in Dark and Darker. These include the Lute, Harp, War Drums, Flute, and more to come. Make sure to boost your Wisdom and Dexterity stat points to increase the bard’s effectiveness in battle. The bard is normally used as a support role, with their abilities to affect an entire arena of players, and they can be very powerful contenders if used right.


That concludes our guide to the Dark and Darker Bard class! We hope that this guide helped you learn more about this class and understand how to use the bard as a character in the fantasy battle royale game.

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