Dark and Darker Warlock class - Best perks and skills

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Dark and Darker warlock class guide character holding staff

Wondering what the Dark and Darker Warlock class is all about? We’ve got you covered. Dark and Darker is a multiplayer game by Ironmace, a studio based in South Korea. The Warlock is one of the many classes, so you may need some help getting to grips with it.

Dark and Darker blends elements of fantasy and battle royale, making it a thrilling extraction game that fans of both genres can’t wait to play. There are several classes in the game, and each of them has unique qualities and skills. Let’s find out everything you need to know about the Dark and Darker Warlock class!

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What are the Warlock's skills and perks in Dark and Darker?

The Warlock is a newly revealed class that players can use for their dungeon adventures in Dark and Darker.

In Dark and Darker, players will be able to use a class’s skills, which are their core abilities. They are unique to each class, and so far, we know about only two skills for the Warlock class. One of them is unnamed, but it allows you to boost your next weapon attack with magic damage. As for the named one, it’s called Spell Memory. As the name tells you, your character will be able to remember spells. The number of spells that a Warlock can memorise using this skill is five.

Meanwhile, perks in Dark and Darker are passive traits for each class. You will be able to select up to four of these once your character reaches the maximum level. The only perk for the Dark and Darker Warlock class we know so far is Torture Mastery. This perk will be able to restore your character’s health whenever you deal curse damage to your opponents.

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What spells can the Dark and Darker Warlock class use?

Now that we’ve covered skills and perks, what you need to know next if you’re going to play the Dark and Darker Warlock class are spells. Wizards, Clerics, and Warlocks will all be able to use spells in the game by slotting them into their Spell Memory skill. Each spell has a cost to use, and are divided into tiers based on how powerful they are. The more powerful a spell is, the more it will cost you.

Right now, we know about three spells in Dark and Darker that the Warlock will most likely be able to use. These are curse spells called Power of Sacrifice, Curse of Pain, and Curse of Weaken. When the game begins, we recommend looking for a Spellbook to use as a weapon as soon as possible. As Warlocks will be magic-focused, make sure to prioritise the Magic Damage stat when you’re playing this class.


Now you’re up to speed with the Dark and Darker Warlock class! Armed with this information on the class, you should be able to go ahead dominate matches.

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