Dark and Darker class tier list and best solo class

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Combat in progress in Dark and Darker.
Credit: Dark and Darker (Ironmace)

Are you looking for the best class to get your Dark and Darker journey underway on the right foot? Then look no further than our Dark and Darker class tier list. We take a look at the current lineup of character options and how they compare to one another, while you pit yourself against other players to be the last one standing.

As Ironmace's new indie dungeon crawler Dark and Darker commences its early access stages, players will be testing out the different character classes on offer. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique set of skills to cater to a variety of play styles. So here is how they compare to one another.

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Dark and Darker class tier list

So here is how the classes compare in the early stages of Dark and Darker in our class tier list.

Tier Class
SFighter, Wizard
ARanger, Rogue, Barbarian
BCleric, Warlock

S Tier


The Fighter class is one of the best options to play in Dark and Darker, on account of its versatility. This character can wield almost any weapon and equip most armours, which therefore couples well with its well-rounded attributes.

The Fighter is also a great starting point if you are still finding your feet in the game as you can test out the majority of loadout options with this class. As an added bonus, this class can sprint, which can help get you out of some sticky situations.


While success with this class is dependent on a player's familiarity with it, the Wizard has a wide range of attacks and abilities that make it a formidable opponent. With its magical weapons, it can cast a variety of spells to serve a multitude of purposes, from shooting fireballs with a large area of effect to turning invisible to slip past adversaries.

But a downside to the Wizard is its low physical damage and health ratings. However much of this is negated by the potential of its spells. What's more, the Wizard can self-meditate to refresh spell stocks, meaning ammunition is rarely a cause for concern with this character.

Dark and Darker rogue class
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Credit: Dark and Darker (Ironmace)
The Rogue is a solid option from the Dark and Darker class tier list

A Tier


If you're not looking for an aggressive style of dungeon crawling then the Ranger class may be a strong option. A master at setting up ambushes and picking off opponents from a distance, this is a great class for players who prefer a bow over a blade.

The Ranger can also use any of the long-range weapons in Dark and Darker, from bows to crossbows and everything in between, and can track enemies and set traps for a more strategic route to victory. It is a weak option for close-quarters combat but more than makes up for it with its specialities.


The dungeons in Dark and Darker are filled with a great number of challenges that will sometimes force you to consider whether to fight or flee. For those who prefer to dictate combat on their own terms, the Rogue class is a great choice. This character is the silent assassin in the game and is capable of slipping between shadows to avoid detection and looting the game's many treasures.

The Rogue has a very high movement speed and is also the only class that can pick locks without a lockpick, making this a great option for those trying to stock up on items. But it has a low health rating, although its elusive movements and quickness can negate this.


In stark contrast to the silent and deadly Rogue, the Barbarian has no issue making some noise in combat. Boasting the highest health rating in the game as well as the strongest melee attacks, this class is designed to absorb damage and deal it back with malicious intent.

The Barbarian can also wield any heavy-duty weapon, which means it will deliver high-damage blows better than any other class. While this is a great perk, it comes at the expense of speed, as it has a slow base movement and attack speed.

B Tier


The Cleric is a servant of its gods that specialises in using blunt weapons to deal high damage. But the redeeming feature that sets it apart from other classes in Dark and Darker is its ability to cast healing and protective spells, making it a great choice for both solo and team players.

While its healing abilities can be invaluable in the dungeons of the game, it does, however, have some downsides that almost warrant the perk. Its slow attack speed means enemies are more likely to get the first contact in exchange, leaving this character more vulnerable to damage in close-quarters combat.


Like the Wizard, the Warlock is a spell-casting character class. But what makes it different from the Wizard is that it is a master of dark magic and will cast curses to cripple its adversaries.

While it has some strong offensive abilities, this character's main source of offence will cost health points every time a spell is cast. While this may be worth the sacrifice for more experienced players, you may want to become more familiar with the game before trying this one out if you are new to Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker character selection
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Credit: Dark and Darker (Ironmace)
Players have 8 options at the moment, with more characters to come

C Tier


The Bard certainly has a charm about it, but it is those charms that could lead to its undoing in the dungeons of Dark and Darker. This character is an adept swordsman and can influence the mood of crowds of enemies, however, it is impossible to catch anyone by surprise.

The Bard's main weakness is that it is loud, meaning enemies will anticipate their presence sooner and be prepared for an exchange. So this is perhaps a hefty cost for a character that doesn't have the range of abilities like some of the other classes. The Bard is best used as a support class as it, unfortunately, does not stand up to the dungeons as a solo act like its counterparts do.


What is the best solo class in Dark and Darker?

For our money, you can't go wrong with using the Fighter class if playing Dark and Darker entirely solo. This is due to its overall versatility, where you can pick up practically any weapon and cope well in combat.

Of course, you'll end up being more of a jack of all trades rather than a specialist at magic, ranged attacks, or any other specific proficiencies. That said, if your aim is just to handle yourself in combat and have a solid grasp on any situation, the Fighter is your best call.

That's it for our Dark and Darker class tier list! For more, check out our best Warlock build, and news on how the XP system works.

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