Is Dark and Darker on consoles? - PS4, PS5, and Xbox

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The Dark and Darker logo from promotional art
Credit: Dark and Darker (Ironmace)

Fans of dungeon crawlers and battle royales alike will have a new title to sink their teeth into with the release of an indie title by South Korean developers Ironmace. Find out here if we will see Dark and Darker on consoles and where the game can be played now.

The game involves a unique combination of genres as players will be immersed in a dark PvPvE experience. The challenge is to outwit and outlive a number of supernatural enemies and competing players.

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Is Dark and Darker on consoles?

Unfortunately for console players, Dark and Darker is currently a PC-exclusive title. However, while this may be the case, it is currently in its early access stages and ironing out the kinks of releasing such a big title.

It's also worth noting that, while it is a PC game, you will not be able to purchase and download the game via Steam. As it stands, the game is currently only accessible via its official site as well as gaming vendor Chaf Games.

Console gamers can reasonably speculate that Dark and Darker will make an appearance on other platforms, particularly if the PC edition finds success. Moreover, given the battle royale nature of the game and the ability for players to team up and tackle the dungeon challenges together, there is certainly plenty of opportunity for the game to support crossplay.

Dark and Darker dungeon
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Credit: Dark and Darker (Ironmace)
Console gamers will have to wait to see if Dark and Darker will grace their platforms.

Will Dark and Darker be on consoles in the future?

The current state of affairs is grim for console players looking to get their hands on Dark and Darker. However, if developer Ironmace's social media account is anything to go by, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In response to several tweets asking about the team's plans for the game's expansion in the future, Ironmace explained that bringing their title to consoles was "on the to-do list", but no specific timeframe has been given for any consoles.

Given that Ironmace is experiencing some teething issues with slow downloads during the early release of the game, it appears likely that they will want to ensure that their PC edition is running to satisfactory standards before expanding the IP. So console players should anticipate some good news in the future, but perhaps not hold their breath about when this will happen.

So there you have it, that's what we know so far about whether Dark and Darker is coming to consoles. Be sure to check out our Bard guide and tips on how to get the best out of the Warlock class.

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