Best Rogue build in Dark and Darker

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An image of the Rogue in Dark and Darker.

In Dark and Darker, you'll get to know various classes you can choose from and roleplay in-game. One of these classes is the Rogue which consist of skilled assassins, thieves, and infiltrators. If you want to maximise playing this class, we've got you covered with this guide on the Dark and Darker best Rogue build.

Rogues rely on their traits of being cunning, stealthy, and agile to accomplish their objectives. They're also experts in avoiding detection, picking locks, disarming traps, and gathering information. Rogues prove useful in solo situations and can greatly aid your team with surprise attacks.

Dark and Darker best Rogue build

A screenshot of the Rogue in Dark and Darker.
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Rogues can deal lethal damage from a distance or up close. They are versatile with both ranged weapons and sneak attacks. Moreover, they can also use their sleight of hand to steal from enemies. You'll surely be able to snag some treasures and rare artefacts with them at your party.

Take note though that when building for the Rogue class, you must take into consideration how you want to maximize its stealth abilities. We have some recommended perks, skills, and weapons you can consider when making a Rogue build.


  • Hide - You can become invisible with this skill. One enabled, you can change equipment, but if you move or attack with any skill, the invisibility is disabled. Be sure to use this skill with utmost caution
  • Weakpoint Attack - This attack deals 50 percent additional weapon damage and reduces the target's defense by 50 percent for five seconds.


  • Ambush - If you attempt the first attack within trhree seconds after ending stealth mode, you get to deal 50 percent additional weapon damage
  • Backstab - Your physical damage bonus is increased by 30 percent when you attack from behind a target.
  • Poisoned Weapon - If you have a successful attack, poison damage is applied which deals 4 magic damage over four seconds. The poison damage can stack up to five times.
  • Dagger Expert - Physical damage bonus is increased by 5 percent when you attack with a dagger.


  • Rapier - A form of a sword, the Rapier is versatile enough to use for close to mid-range fights.
  • Dagger - This is advantageous if you have the Dagger Expert Perk since you get to maximise its physical damage attack and increase it by a bit.

With that, you're now well-equipped on the Rogue and have some knowledge on the best build for it for Dark and darker. If you want to see more guides like this, you can check out our other pieces on the game such as our Dark and Darker weapon tier list and Dark and Darker XP system guide.

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