Dark and Darker Ranger class - Best perks and skills

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A group of fighters running together in Dark and Darker.

Wondering what's the best build for the Ranger class in Dark and Darker? Dark and Darker allows its players to choose from six classes, each with their unique abilities and equipment. One of the classes is the Ranger, one of two ranged classes along with the Wizard.

The Ranger excels at using bows and spears to deal damage from afar, as well as setting traps and tracking enemies. If you’re interested in playing as a Ranger, here are some tips and suggestions on how to build your character.

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Best Ranger class build in Dark and Darker

Ranger in Dark and Darker
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Best Ranger perks in Dark and Darker

When it comes to perks for your Ranger, your choices may vary depending on the weapon you prefer using and your play style. However, there are some perks that are useful for any Ranger.

  • Ranged Weapons Expert: This perk increases your physical attack power by 5% when using a ranged weapon such as bows or crossbows. It’s a good perk if you want to maximise your damage output.
  • Sharpshooter: With this perk, you’ll see a 15% increase in headshot damage when using long-range weapons. It’s particularly useful if you have good aim and enjoy going for headshots.
  • Expert in Traps: This perk significantly decreases the time required to set up trap items. It’s a great perk for Rangers who enjoy laying ambushes and catching their enemies off guard with traps.

Remember to consider these perks when building your Ranger character in Dark and Darker! They will benefit Rangers who prefer to target the head and swiftly defeat their enemies using a longbow or crossbow.

Best Ranger skills in Dark and Darker

The skills you opt for as a Ranger will also vary depending on your weapon and play style. However, there are a few skills that can greatly benefit any Ranger.

  • Swift Fire: This skill enables you to attack with a bow-type weapon at 50% increased speed for five seconds. It’s perfect for the Rangers who want to shoot fast and accurately with their bow or crossbow.
  • Multishot: By using this skill, you can fire five arrows simultaneously when attacking with a bow-type weapon. It’s a good skill for Rangers who wish to hit multiple targets or deal significant damage with their bow or crossbow.
  • True Shot: This skill boosts projectile flight speed and physical attack power by 5%. It’s fantastic for Rangers looking to aim better and hit harder with their longbow or crossbow.

Best Ranger equipment in Dark and Darker

Similarly, the equipment you select as a Ranger depends on your weapon and play style. Here are some top-notch options suitable for any Ranger.

  • Ranger Set: This set enhances attributes like movement speed and damage. It’s an excellent choice for Rangers aiming to boost their performance while looking stylish.
  • Longbow: This weapon is absolutely amazing for long-range combat. It has the ability to inflict critical damage when you aim for the head. It’s perfect for Rangers who enjoy sniping their enemies from a distance and taking them down in one shot.

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