How to save in Atomic Heart

The landscape of an alternate Soviet Union in Atomic Heart.

The landscape of an alternate Soviet Union in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart has finally launched and with that comes scary robots, a convoluted plot, and so many more things to pay attention to. If you're looking to know how to save in Atomic Heart, we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll go over how to save manually, as well as what you have to do to trigger the autosave system. Once you have figured it out, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

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Atomic Heart save point
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How to save in Atomic Heart

If you're looking to save in Atomic Heart, you can do it through a few key methods. First, the game does have an autosave system. After most cutscenes and fights, the game will save. Unfortunately this is infrequent, and most deaths you go through in the game will lose you some progress.

There are save stations littered around the world where you can activate a manual save. You can have many saves on the go, which you can load back to at any point. You will find them in safe rooms when located inside. These tend to have a small white sign next to them, and Nora inside to upgrade your gear.

If you want to save when you are in the more open sections of the game, you have to look for small huts with a red top on them. They will also act like a safe room but the door won't close behind you when you arrive, so enemies can follow you in. Generally speaking, you should aim to save every time you go by one of these rooms to avoid losing too much progress to a death or bug. You won't get penalised for saving too much.

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