What are the best Atomic Heart weapons?

Fat Man gun in Atomic Heart

Fat Man gun in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has taken an awfully long time to launch. With nothing but cryptic trailers to go off for quite some time, we can finally play the game for ourselves. If you have it downloaded and you're wondering what the best Atomic Heart weapons are, you're in the right place.

In this guide, we go over all three major weapon categories in the game, how you should be using them, and which weapons we think you should focus on. If you have an efficient loadout, you can make the combat quite a bit easier.

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What is the best ranged weapon in Atomic Heart?

When picking your favourite ranged weapon in Atomic Heart, you have to account for inventory size, damage, range, and effectiveness. Generally speaking, you should be maximising the amount of damage you get for the amount of inventory space bullets take up. With 18 shells per slot, the Shotgun is one of the best you get. Not only do you get this early on, but when upgraded it packs a punch all the way to the end. It is effective and really quite powerful.

As well as this, you should add the AK to your arsenal. Coming in bundles of 90 bullets, it is a really effective crowd-control weapon that can take down tonnes of enemies when you're backed up against the wall.

The inventory screen in Atomic Heart
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What is the best energy weapon in Atomic Heart?

As energy weapons don't require you to hoard ammo, you should focus on getting the most out of each shot. Though the Railgun and Dominator are both quite powerful, the Electro is your best choice here. Instead of wasting your normal ammo taking on the smaller enemies, it should be fueling you through most of the game, where big guns can take on bosses.

This is how you get the absolute best out of your energy.

What is the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart?

Generally, melee weapons are either quick and light, or heavy but do lots of damage. With melee, you should be aiming to get in, hit, and dodge away again - effectively minimising damage dealt to you.

For this reason, we advise throwing the Pashtet into your loadout. It is quick and can be used to do multiple hits in a row, but also packs a bit of a punch. It finds the happy medium between many melee weapons and is quite versatile as a result. From here, add the Reflex Blade to get the most out of its speed.

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