Atomic Heart robots – All confirmed robots

The player character fighting hand-to-hand with a robot in Atomic Heart.

The player character fighting hand-to-hand with a robot in Atomic Heart.
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Atomic Heart is a very unique game with a cool visual design. There will be many Soviet-style robots, and today we are digging a little deeper into these mechanical NPCs. This guide will list all Atomic Heart robots we know so far.

There is a huge range of different enemies you will encounter while playing Atomic Heart. Some of them are quite problematic to fight, so in this article, we will mention all confirmed robots in Atomic Heart so far.

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The player character battling a robot in mid-air in Atomic Heart.
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All confirmed robots in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a shooter game that takes place in an alternative reality where the Soviet Union managed to create robots. Understandably, the game has quite an impressive list of these mechanical creatures. Here are all the confirmed robots in Atomic Heart we know about so far:

  • MA-9 "Belyash" - A huge robot used for welding and plumbing. Its size makes it a dangerous enemy, making it very likely you'll battle a lot of them in Atomic Heart.
  • Pchela - This is a small flying robot that seems to be able to repair other robots.
  • Natasha
  • Drofa - A flying reconnaissance robot that can see you from a decent range.
  • Owl
  • Hedgie - A huge reconnaissance robot. You could see it as a boss in one of the gameplay trailers. It looks like a giant ball with four spider legs, and it is able to pass through any terrain with their help. Also, the robot can hide its limbs and start to roll and jump around.
  • Bumblebee
  • Rotorobot
  • Burav - A mining robot designed to make tunnels.
  • Laborer - All-rounder units that are able to help humans to handle animals. Also, they have huge saw blades that they can use to cut some wood, and probably their enemies.
  • Tereshkova - An assistant robot that helps visitors by giving them instructions on how to access certain areas.
  • Rafik - Also known as Raf/9, this robot is able to perform various tasks ranging from engineering to housework.
  • Vatrushka
  • Orb
  • Dandelion
  • Lab Tech - A special robot designed to work in different laboratories. Lab Tech has micromotors that allow it to grab and move fragile things without breaking them.
  • Doc - A medic robot.
  • The Twins - A pair of Mechanical Ballerinas created by Dmitry Sechenov. Both of them work as his bodyguards, and are the most human-like robots in the game.

All of these robots can be found on the official Atomic Heart website.

As you can see, Atomic Heart has a huge list of robots you can encounter. Also, there will be organic zombie-like enemies that will try to attack you as well. Therefore, you're threatened both by natural and artificial life.

That's it for our look at all robots in Atomic Heart! While we wait for the game to launch, feel free to check out our picks of the best free FPS games.

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