Does Atomic Heart have a 6-hour cutscene?

A woman with wires embedded in her head in Atomic Heart.

A woman with wires embedded in her head in Atomic Heart.

The upcoming Soviet-style shooter Atomic Heart seems to be quite interesting, and there's plenty of discussion around the much-hyped extra long cutscene. In this guide, we will tell you if Atomic Heart has a 6-hour cutscene.

This guide will explore all the hype around the rumoured 6-hour cutscene in Atomic Heart. It's a bold concept that fans are hoping is true, so we'll dig in and tell you exactly what to expect.

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Is there a 6-hour cutscene in Atomic Heart?

According to the information we have so far, the 6-hour cutscene in Atomic Heart is a fake. There's nothing out there to suggest it'll actually exist, and is instead the product of rampant speculation.

The protagonist looking at his hand in an Atomic Heart cutscene.
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What is the 6-hour cutscene in Atomic Heart?

The 6-hour Atomic Heart cutscene became a widely discussed topic because it was rumoured to include sexual content. So, it quickly became popular in the game’s fanbase, drawing even more attention to Atomic Heart and its Mechanical Ballerinas.

These two robots have become the game’s unofficial mascot. They are present on most posters related to the game, and the rumour based around the cutscene suggests the protagonist will get intimate with one of them.

However, there is no official statement that could tell us that there will be such an elongated cutscene. Also, Mundfish is a small studio, so it would be unlikely that it would dedicate its resources to making a six-hour cutscene.

That doesn't mean the rumours about the Mechanical Ballerinas won't be true, of course. All we know so far is that you definitely won't spend six hours watching one uninterrupted cutscene in Atomic Heart.

That's it for our unpacking of the six-hour cutscene rumour in Atomic Heart! While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free action games.

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