Is Jensen Ackles in Atomic Heart?

A screenshot of Jensen Ackles in the Atomic Heart trailer.

A screenshot of Jensen Ackles in the Atomic Heart trailer.

With Atomic Heart dropping soon, fans of the upcoming game are in for a treat with a particular actor's involvement in the game. Mundfish has recently dropped a trailer that includes an iconic Supernatural alumni and The Boys actor which begs the question, is Jensen Ackles in Atomic Heart?

With the trailer and sneak peeks we're given, fans are wondering how big or small the involvement Ackles will have in the game is. Nonetheless, fans of Atomic Heart and Ackles are excited about the actor's participation.

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Is Jensen Ackles in Atomic Heart?

As Mundfish prepares for its launch of Atomic Heart, it dropped a welcoming live-action trailer that seems to have taken inspiration from the BioShock series.

Right before Ackles' appearance, the trailer shows a girl casting a spell to make a robot come alive, and later snapping her wand in half. Jensen Ackles comes in to comfort the girl, depicting the protagonist of the game. He's seen combating and slashing away at enemies using a variety of weapons. This includes the signature polymer glove, which is used to grant the wielder special abilities.

Ackles seems to be the perfect fit to play the game's protagonist, with his action-packed background in acting. He has certainly hyped up fans of the game and fans from his shows to promote Atomic Heart's upcoming release. While Ackles won't have any direct involvement with the game's story, it's a win to see him being part of a huge game.

However, it's unclear whether this is a one-off appearance in this specific trailer, or whether Ackles is in the full game. It seems like the former, with Ackles appearing just for a fun cameo to drum up hype.

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