How to beat VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech in Atomic Heart

The VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech boss in Atomic Heart.

The VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech boss in Atomic Heart.

This guide will tell you how to beat VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech in Atomic Heart. Atomic Heart has lots of different bosses you need to fight. At some point, you will encounter a nefarious robot nicknamed Lab Tech.

VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech is one of the first bosses in this game and you will have to fight him without a huge arsenal of weapons and various cool gadgets. But this robot is not too difficult, as long as you follow the right strategy.

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How to beat VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech in Atomic Heart

You will have to fight this boss with the weakest weapons like a shotgun or an axe, considering it comes quite early into the game. However, this is more than enough to defeat this small robot if you know how to react to its moves. Let’s take a look at the boss’s moves and attacks!

Fortunately, the VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech has a simple moveset. The robot has two types of attacks. The first one consists of various melee strikes. The second type is a laser beam attack that the robot performs with its head. All of these attacks are quite easy to predict, and they shouldn’t be too problematic to dodge, by simply pressing B or circle.

VOV-A6/CH LAB TECH attacks in Atomic Heart.
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The best strategy against VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech in Atomic Heart

VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech will be chasing you during the entire fight. So, there is no point in being too aggressive. Instead, you should choose a defensive strategy. Wait for the robot’s attack and then launch your counterattack, by dodging and hitting back. If you shock the boss using your electric glove ability, you will stun it and stop its attack.

This robot is able to perform dodge moves, so if you try to spam with your attacks then you will likely miss. Just be patient and land your hits when the Lab Tech makes a pause before attacking.

If you don’t want to hit the boss with your hammer and risk your HP, then you can use your shotgun. You can find a box in one of the corners of the arena. If you open it, you will get some ammo.

Overall, the VOV-A6/CH Lab Tech boss shouldn’t be too difficult - you just need to stop rushing this boss blindly. Be patient and you will get an opportunity to attack!

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