All hidden parts locations in Armored Core 6

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Armored Core 6 mechs in a line.

Find out how to get all hidden parts in Armored Core 6 with this guide. When it comes to making difficult games, From Software is an industry leader. The studio is known for developing some of the most challenging games in the past, and they certainly haven’t let this reputation down with Armored Core 6. Due to formidable bosses and tough mission design, you need to be constantly finding new parts to upgrade your AC.

With the right parts in Armored Core 6, you can make tonnes of different builds, each suited for certain missions. Therefore, having all the right parts in your possession is more important than you might think. In this guide, we will discuss several ways of obtaining parts in Armored Core 6, including some hidden parts you normally can’t access.

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How to find new parts in Armored Core 6

The best way to find parts for your AC unit upgrades is to play through the campaign. You are rewarded with various parts for your progression through the game by completing main and side quests. This progression helps you maintain your unit’s strength to match the increasingly difficult enemies you encounter in later chapters.

Finding Armored Core 6 parts through exploration

Although there are many parts you can easily find through campaign missions, Armored Core 6 has many hidden parts that are totally missable. These collectibles are found in Supply Crates scattered throughout the map. Since they are hidden parts, you have to go out of your way, often through some secret path, to obtain them.

Luckily, you can use your scanner by holding down on the D-pad, which shows the presence of any containers in the area.

You can find the breakdown of all the hidden parts locations in each chapter of Armored Core 6 below.

armored core 6 hidden part chest
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Armored Core 6 Chapter 2 hidden parts locations

Chapter 2 has four hidden chests that can be found in its first mission.

Mission: Infiltrate Grid 086

  • HC-3000 Wrecker Head - Found at the start of the mission after dropping into the room from the torn ledge.
  • CC-3000 Wrecker Core - Head straight from the first chest to find the second one behind a smelting furnace.
  • AC-3000 Wrecker Arms - Go inside the pipe near the smelting furnace and drop down into a chamber to find this part.
  • 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs - Ahead outside after the third chest to find an open area where the fourth chest is located on the upper platform.

Armored Core 6 Chapter 3 hidden parts locations

This chapter has hidden chests in the following three missions.

Mission: Tunnel Sabotage

  • Nebula Plasma Rifle - In a large cavern from the second waypoint, kill a sniper on a ridge to your upper left and find the chest nearby.

Mission: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City

  • IA-C01G Aorta Generator - Simply complete the second objective of the game and reach the roof of the building close by for the chest.

Mission: Eliminate "Honest" Brute

  • Double Trouble Chainsaw - Just follow the mission objectives and you’ll see the first chest on the platform containing laser traps.
  • BC-0600 12345 Booster - Descend from the first chest into a larger platform to find the second chest near a mech at the end.
  • Bad Cook Flamethrower - Keep following the objective and enter a dome shield. Drop down to find the second chest inside a chamber to your right.

Armored Core 6 Chapter 4 hidden parts locations

When it comes to Chapter 4, you can find hidden parts in five of the missions outlined below.

Mission: Underground Exploration - Depth 1

  • IA-C01L Ephemera Legs - Located at the back of the room where you do the access point objective.

Mission: Underground Exploration - Depth 2

  • IA-C01B Gills Booster - Located in a side room inside a large cavern after your encounter with Iguazu.
  • IA-C01A Ephemera Arms - Found inside the same cavern after jumping onto a vertical lift and reaching upwards.

Mission: Underground Exploration - Depth 3

  • IA-C01F Ocellus FCS - Found near the pile of machinery on a platform to the right side of the starting chamber.
  • IA-C01C Ephemera Core - Head to the outer left edge of the large chamber to find this second chest.

Mission: Unknown Territory Survey

  • IA-C01H Ephemera Head - Located at the start of the mission as you drop down towards your first waypoint.

Mission: Reach the Coral Convergence

  • IA-C01W3 Aurora Light Wave Cannon - It can be obtained near the starting point of the mission by overboosting to the right in the open area instead of heading straight.
  • Moonlight Blade Light Wave Blade - After your first waypoint, it is found near the wheel enemies inside the lake close by.
armored core 6 parts from loghunt arena
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How to find and upgrade new parts by Loghunt and Arena

Finally, Loghunt and Arena are two of the most interesting and engaging mechanics in the game that reward you with many parts and upgrades.

During your missions, you will encounter rogue ACs that are part of your Loghunt combat. Defeat them to collect combat logs, which are used to increase your Hunter ranks in the Loghunt. As you rank up, you will be able to unlock new parts and many other rewards there.


Finally, be sure to play Arena battles. Those simulated 1v1 fights reward you with OST Chips, among other things. You can use those chips for OS Tuning, which unlocks many cool features for your AC build.

With all the different parts in your possession, you can go crazy with the builds for your unit. For more about this game, be sure to take a look at how to save and how to beat Balteus.

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