How to save in Armored Core 6 - How checkpoints work

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armored core 6 boss fight

If you're wondering how to save in Armored Core 6, then we will explain everything you need to know. Armored Core 6 is definitely a FromSoft title, but it doesn't feature the iconic bonfires that have become a defining feature of the developer.

Armored Core 6 has you taking on several missions, each of varying length and difficulty. These missions are generally short; however, longer missions can be frustrating, especially if you keep dying to a boss you are ill-equipped for. This is where the save and checkpoint mechanics in Armored Core 6 come in.

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How to save in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 does not let you manually save your game state during missions. However, longer missions with multiple objectives will feature checkpoints that will automatically save your progress.

Losing progress after spending a lot of time on a mission can be frustrating, so the save mechanic in Armored Core 6 is meant to save you a lot of time. There are a bunch of other benefits to the checkpoints in Armored Core 6.

How do checkpoints work in Armored Core 6?

Generally, checkpoints are placed right before an important mission objective or right before a big boss fight. When you die, you're sent back to the last checkpoint with full health. In addition, you also get all of your repairs back once you're at the checkpoint.

The greatest advantage that checkpoints in Armored Core 6 provide, however, is the ability to access the garage and change your mech's specs on the go. This allows you to customise your mech to counter the challenge ahead and deal with it efficiently. This also allows the team to make the boss encounters a lot more difficult and even the playing field, leading to some spectacular and challenging boss encounters.

Note that you shouldn't rely too much on this mechanic, as dying does ultimately reduce your rank and credits earned. However, it's great to see this feature added to make Armored Core 6 more accessible to new players.

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