Is Armored Core 6 open world?

Two mechs fighting in Armored Core 6.

Two mechs fighting in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 is From Software's latest title, revolving around piloting futuristic mechs to fight through vast battlefields and fly through open expanses. However, with all this mobility and emphasis on movement, will Armored Core 6 be open world?

Previous entries in the Armored Core franchise have not sported an open world format. However, this might be an expectation we've come to have considering From Software's other releases, with their emphasis on open world exploration. So let's find out how Armored Core 6 implements its open world and mission structure.

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Is Armored Core 6 open world?

The short answer is no, Armored Core 6 is not an open world game. Instead, Armored Core 6 will stay in line with the practices of its predecessors and follow a mission-based format. Instead of a single massive open world, you will be tasked with challenging missions in the order that the developers have decided. Each mission will take you to a completely different location with its own unique objectives.

These locations have quite a bit of diversity between them, as they take you from ruined cities to deserts and frozen mountaintops. Furthermore, each area will be fairly expansive and quite open. There's a lot of emphasis on movement in Armored Core 6, and each area, while not fully open world, will be open enough to allow for a lot of free movement across its vast expanse.

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The same goes for the progression system. Unlike previous FromSoft games, you cannot take on missions in any order you like. Instead, missions are set out in a specific order that you have to follows. There will be some hidden objectives, and optional boss fights in most missions. The real fun comes from challenging the same mission again with a better understanding of its requirements, and crafting the perfect mech to tackle them for an S rank.

So while Armored Core 6 might not be a fully open world game, it will still provide you with expansive arenas and a lot of build variety to try your hand at each level with a play style of your choosing. Redoing missions is also worth it, as the game is quite generous with credits, and you can use them to unlock further upgrades and parts.

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