How to get OS Tuning Chips in Armored Core 6

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armored core 6 melee energy sword ost chip upgrade for increased damage

After the success of Elden Ring, the hype around From Software’s latest title, Armored Core 6, has skyrocketed. If it’s your first experience with this mech action RPG franchise before, you can feel overwhelmed by the deep customisation system in the game. To get a better understanding of the upgrade system, a feature you should instantly familiarise yourself with is the Armored Core 6 OS Tuning. So, let’s see how to get OST Chips in Armored Core 6.

Operating System Tuning (OST) is a menu that can be accessed in the Garage. It is used to provide certain buffs and modifications to your Armored Core, making you stronger and more versatile in combat. The components required to unlock these upgrades are the OST Chips, which you’re going to need in abundance.

How to get OST Chips in Armored Core 6

Operating System Tuning (OST) Chips are rewards you can collect in Armored Core 6 by completing certain kinds of ops called Arena missions. The Arena is a recurring feature from previous Armored Core games that lets you take on copies of other ACs in simulated 1v1 battles.

Armored Core 6 OST chips as reward for 1v1 AC battle in the arena
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The ACs you battle in the Arena can also be found in Rubicon while you’re doing missions. While most of those fights are completely optional, it is worth doing them since they reward you with Combat Log Markers. Regardless, if you’re looking to get OST Chips, you need to defeat the simulated counterparts of those ACs in the Arena.

You can see the number of OST chips and the credits you get for completing each Arena mission in the menu screen.

Where to spend Armored Core 6 OST Chips

Acquiring OST Chips is essential to upgrading your AC since they can fundamentally change how you engage in battle. Here are different options you can tweak in the OS Tuning menu by spending OST Chips.

System Unlocks

You can spend your OST Chips to unlock System Unlocks, granting your AC some new baseline abilities. One of these upgrades is the Boost Kick, which requires only 1 OST Chip to unlock. It allows you to press the assault boost button to deal massive stagger/impact damage to enemies.

Armored Core 6 OS tuning menu with system upgrades listed including quick turn, boost kick, weapons bay, weight control, manual aiming, assault armor and pulse protection
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Core Expansions

These Core Expansions equip your AC with strong one-time-use offensive or defensive abilities. A good example of offensive Core Expansion is Assault Armor which does AoE damage. While a basic defensive Core Expansion is Pulse Protection which creates a protective bubble around your AC.

Attack and Damage Control


There are some Attack and Damage Control abilities you can unlock using OST Chips. These include upgrades that enhance the damage you deal to enemy AP or Impact bar. Moreover, these abilities also impact your damage absorption and healing capabilities, overall strengthening your AC.

That's all you need to know about how to get and use OST chips in Armored Core 6. Also, check out the pre-order bonuses for Armored Core 6.

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