How long Armored Core 6 takes to beat

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A group of mechs fighting in Armored Core 6.

If you've been starving for some Armored Core then you're going to want to know how long Armored Core 6 takes to beat. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is a return to one of FromSoftware's original IPs with the polish we now expect from their latest releases.

On top of the main campaign, a lot of replayability can be added to the game via the new game plus. Furthermore, multiplayer PvP will also add a lot of incentive to challenge your skills against other players. So let's see how long the Armored Core 6 campaign is.

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How long Armored Core 6 takes to beat

Armored Core 6 will take the average player around 20 hours to beat. This means there are is least 20-30 hours of content packed into the main campaign missions. If you go for a slower completionist approach, try out all the builds and fully customize your mech, this number might shoot up to 30 hours for your first playthrough of Armored Core 6.

There are 41 missions in the main story of Armored Core 6, with each lasting roughly 10-15 minutes. Going back to S-rank every mission can also add up to a lot of playtime.

That's not all, however, as Armored Core 6, despite its already lengthy playthrough, incentivises you to go through the new game plus.

How long is Armored Core 6 really?

FromSoftware has stated that you'll have to complete the new game plus more than twice to get the true ending for Armored Core 6. The first new game plus playthrough will unlock new missions and paths for you to go down. This in itself easily means over 30 hours required to gain the second ending for Armored Core 6.


The true ending is locked behind the second new game plus playthrough, and then we're looking at around 50 hours total. Add to this time spent in the multiplayer game modes and to S-rank missions as a completionist, and you'd easily be looking at an experience lasting 70-80 hours. However, this length to beat Armored Core 6 is reserved for truly diehard fans.

That's all you need to know about how long it will take to beat Armored Core 6. For more guides, check out all the weapons and preload times.

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