How to get all Armored Core 6 endings

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Armored Core 6 how to get all endings Alea Lacta Est ending cinematic

There are various Armored Core 6 endings for those willing to explore everything the game has to offer. If you found the conclusion of the story to be slightly unsatisfactory after your first playthrough, you're not alone. However, the game has more to offer than what you see, and we'll show you how to get all the Armored Core 6 endings.

Note that Armored Core 6 has a total of three endings for you to obtain. However, they require you to replay the game in New Game Plus and once more. Luckily New Game Plus also offers newer, more challenging content, and those who enjoyed the base game won't find themselves bored. So, let's get to collecting all the Armored Core 6 endings.

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How many endings are in Armored Core 6?

There are a total of three endings available in Armored Core 6.

  • The Fires of Raven
  • Liberator of Rubicon
  • Alea lacta Est

You can only get one ending per playthrough, which means that you're going to need three full Armored Core 6 playthroughs to experience everything. Furthermore, some of the endings are only available in New Game Plus and beyond.

How to get different endings in Armored Core 6

To unlock different Armored Core 6 endings, you need to choose the correct decision mission when the game prompts you. While you're selecting new missions, some of them will have a branching symbol on the top right, and the mission description will be marked as "Decision". Normally you get to choose between two choices during your first playthrough. Here's the best Armored Core 6 endings order you should follow.

How to get all endings in Armored Core 6

Here is the best route to follow if you plan on getting all three Armored Core 6 endings in the most efficient order.

Ending 1 - The Fires of Raven

To get the first ending, whenever you get the choice to pick a decision mission you should pick the option that's on top. This will make the other option unavailable. Here are the three decision missions that you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Chapter 3 - Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4 - Mission 31: Intercept the Redguns
  • Chapter 5 - Mission 37: Intercept the Corporate Forces
  • Ending Missions: Breach the Kármán Line
  • Shut Down the Closure Satellites

This will get you The Fires of Raven ending in Armored Core 6.

Ending 2 - Liberator of Rubicon

There are two ways to get this ending. You can get it either on your first play-through or during New Game Plus. Here are the decision missions you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Chapter 1 - [NEW GAME+] Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex. After destroying the 2nd generator, pick the decision to "REFUSE".
  • Chapter 3 - [NEW GAME+] Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3 - Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Craft 
  • Chapter 4 - Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers 
  • Chapter 5 - Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla 

You need to perform Steps 1 and 2 only if you're on a New Game Plus run. Otherwise, you can follow the next three steps instead and get the Liberator of Rubicon ending normally. We recommend going for this ending during New Game Plus to experience all the content.

Ending 3 - Alea lacta Est


We recommend going for this ending during your third playthrough in New Game Plus, so you can experience all the choices.

  • Chapter 1 - [NEW GAME+/++] Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex – Choose "ACCEPT" after destroying the second generator.
  • Chapter 3 - Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech 
  • Chapter 3 - Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads 
  • Chapter 4 - Mission 26-B: Coral Export Denial 
  • Chapter 4 – Finish Arena after Mission 29: Underground Exploration
  • Chapter 4 - Mission 33-B: Eliminate V.III [NEW GAME++]
  • Ending Missions: MIA

Follow the order listed above to experience all the missions available in the game. Playing out of this order might mean that you end up missing some missions and will need a fourth playthrough to play them. Also note that you need to play these missions in a proper New Game Plus run rather than using the Replay Mission feature, because it doesn't track your decisions the same way.

That's all you need to know on how to get all Armored Core 6 endings. Also, check out how to use checkpoints, plus whether the game is on Steam Deck.

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