All bosses in Armored Core 6

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Armored Core 6 all boss list Juggernaut cinematic

FromSoftware is a company that is now synonymous with epic boss fights. If you're playing one of their games, you know you're in for some of the most challenging and memorable boss fights in all of gaming. Their latest release Armored Core 6, will prove to be no different, and to help you guide you through the game, we've compiled a list of all bosses in Armored Core 6.

The developers have confirmed that there will be a pretty big emphasis on the set pieces and boss battles in Armored Core 6. In fact, they stated that the boss fights will be the main highlights of the Armored Core 6 campaign. So let's see all the challenges awaiting you on the war-torn surface of Rubicon with this Armored Core 6 boss list.

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All Armored Core 6 bosses

HC Helicopter

Armored Core 6 all bosses HC Helicopter
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In typical FromSoft fashion, the first boss of the game poses quite a significant challenge if you're not comfortable with the game's mechanics yet. At the end of the first mission, you'll have to face off against the flying HC Helicopter, a powerful aerial enemy with a lot of mobility and mounted machine guns and missiles.

As long as you master the fundamentals of the game, such as using your entire arsenal of weapons while staying mobile at all times, you'll find success with this boss fight fairly quickly. It's just the tutorial boss after all.


Armored Core 6 all bosses strider
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The Strider is a behemoth of a boss and is rightfully considered one of the most powerful weapons on the planet. This boss fight spans the entire level and has you fly around the gargantuan mecha while avoiding its laser beam and defeating the guards. Once you take down all the shield generators, you need to go up top to have a one-on-one battle with the giant laser eye.

AC builds with a lot of vertical mobility are extremely well suited for taking down the generators and making this experience a lot easier on yourself.


Armored Core 6 all bosses Sulla
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The Sulla boss fight is a standard 1v1 duel against another AC Pilot with a mech that has similar capabilities to yours. The terrain for this fight is plain, with a bit of cover available. While the enemy is quick and fast to react similar to your own Mech, this also means it has limited tankiness. A couple of well-timed punishes will stun it and allow you to pound away at its HP.


Armored Core 6 all bosses Juggernaut
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The Juggernaut is one of the first truly challenging boss fights in Armored Core 6. Found at the end of a lengthy mission, this large tank is a major threat to your S-rank runs. The first phase of the fight will have another pilot distract it for you, making it relatively easy to handle. However, the second phase is a 1v1 against this massive tank.

The key to victory here is to exploit the ability to play vertically in Armored Core 6. The Juggernaut will outspeed your reactions if you stick to the ground, take flight and manage your movement tactically.


Armored Core 6 all bosses Balteus
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Balteus is another extremely difficult boss that will put your piloting skills to the test. This AC has a missile launcher station attached to its main body. While this does impact its overall manoeuvrability, it also launches waves of several dozens of missiles at you very frequently. You need to master the art of timing your dodges to have any success against Balteus. Exploit its limited movement and punish it during downtime. However, don't get too greedy, as it has an AoE EMP that will knock out your systems.

Smart Cleaner

Armored Core 6 all bosses flaming steamroller
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This giant flaming mech is akin to a furnace on wheels. It rolls around at high speeds using its treads and packs quite a punch with its giant flaming fists. It can knock your mech out in around 2-3 hits, so dodging it is essential. Luckily, you can employ tactics similar to the Juggernaut here and take to the skies. The treads make it fast; however, they also increase its turnaround time and limit it with single-directional mobility.

That concludes our Armored Core 6 boss list for now. There will be dozens of new additions once the game is released, and we'll update this piece with new information whenever it becomes available, so be sure to check back for more. In the meantime, learn how long Armored Core 6 takes to beat and the new game plus content it offers.

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