Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Win the Cup and Ball Game on Knowhere

Chapter 6 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy takes you to Knowhere to find Cosmo. However, along the way the team will split up and you will have some time to explore the Market. There are multiple games to play including one where you can place a bet with a vendor that looks like a big brain, but is it as easy as it seems? We're here to show you how to win the cup and ball game on Knowhere.

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How To Win the Cup and Ball Game on Knowhere

To win the cup and ball game from the big brain on Knowhere, you will simply need to watch where the cup with the ball under it goes. The cups are moved around suspiciously slowly. Once the cups have finished moving, click the option for where you think it is, and if you're right you will win 1000 Galactic Units.

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Do not play again. If you win the first round (which is highly likely), the vendor will offer to increase your money if you play again. This will cost you 1500 Units. Do not engage in the bet at all. The rules of the game stay the same, all you need to do is watch where the cup with the ball in it goes but this is where it takes a dodgy turn. You can and most likely will choose the right place that the ball ended up. However, when the vendor lifts the cup the ball will not be there. Peter will quickly start to figure out that the vendor cheated and then the vendor will disappear along with your 1500 Units.

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Where To Find the Cup and Ball Game

Knowhere is quite a busy place, but if you follow these simple steps you should find the cup and ball vendor with ease.

1 - Wait for Gamora and Drax to leave you on your own, then head for the Collector's Emporium.

2- From looking at the Emporium, look to your right and you should see a set of steps leading down past the Lottery stand.

3- Head down these stairs and slowly follow the path around. You will soon see the cup and ball vendor on your left.

If you choose to play the game once, then you will walk away with a minor but not insignificant profit. However, if you are sucked in and give in to the temptation to play again then you will lose more than you previously gained.

There are many choices that you can make throughout Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, some of them will pay off in the long run and some of them will leave you feeling slightly deflated. Knowhere has a few games that you can play and we have guides to help including one that answers the question - should you buy a lottery ticket? We also have a guide that shows you where to find the Disabler on Knowhere.

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