Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Get a Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium

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Marvel's Guardians of Galaxy has quite a few references and appearances from other characters, some are more recognisable than others but one that's well-known is The Collector! The Collector has their own Emporium on Knowhere but it can cost you a lot of units to get into it. This is why we're going to show you how to get a free ticket to The Collector's Emporium!

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How To Get a Free Ticket To The Collector's Emporium

To get a free ticket to The Collectors Emporium you need to be on Chapter 6 of the game. If you've passed this, then you can head to the main menu of the game and choose the "replay chapter" option then choose Chapter 6.

You must be at the beginning of this Chapter for you to have a chance at getting the pass.

Step 1: Find Mantlo’s Bar

As you head through the Market of Knowhere with Gamora and Drax, you will run into Mantis. After the cut-scene with her ends, you will keep heading through the Market and almost instantly you should come across Mantlo's Bar:

Guardians of the Galaxy Mantlo's Bar Knowhere

You should see Groot and Rocket sitting in the bar, you need to up to the window of the bar and interact with it. When they ignore you, head into the bar and an interactive cut-scene will begin.

Step 2: Fix Friendship With Lipless

Midway through the first bit of the interactive cutscene, an alien called Lipless will suddenly hold a Blaster to the back of Peter's head. They will claim that Peter used to be friends with them and becomes intimidating when they begin to suspect that he has forgotten them. At this point, you will be given 4 options to choose from as a response and you can pick any one of them as they have no effect on what happens next.

Guardians of the Galaxy Lipless aiming Blaster at Peter Quill

After you make your choice, Lipless will then lead you into a series of choices where you need to choose the correct song lyrics to continue singing the chorus with them.

These are the correct lyric choices:


1- Like a Hurricane

2- Through the Rain

If you choose wrongly, you become enemies with Lipless but if you choose the right options then they will give you the free pass for The Collector's Emporium.

Guardians of the Galaxy Free Pass to The Collector's Emporium

Step 3: Head to the Collector's Emporium

All you need to do now is continue to make your way through the Market of Knowhere. Once you end up being on your own, you need to keep going through the Market and you should come across The Collector's Emporium. All you need to do is head to the ticket booth to exchange your free pass. If you do not have the pass, it will cost you 5,000 units to enter.


That's all there is to it. The choices that you make are important in Guardians of the Galaxy so it's important to try to choose wisely otherwise you might end up annoying the entire galaxy. If you're a Streamer that loves the game, we have a guide that shows you how to turn off licensed music and we show you how to craft perks too!