Guardians of the Galaxy: Where To Find the Disabler on Knowhere and Should You Buy It?

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After successfully getting in trouble with Nova Corps early in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, you will have a Nova Disabler attached to The Milano. This will activate and shut down your ship if you do not pay the fine in the allocated time frame. However, there may be a vendor on Knowhere that can help you. We're going to show you where you can find the Disabler on Knowhere and let you know if you should buy it.

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Where To Find the Disabler on Knowhere

To find the Disabler on Knowhere you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head towards Cosmo's Tower until Gamora and Drax leave you.
  • Keep walking until you see The Collector's Emporium.
  • Look to your left and you should see an alley that looks like this:
Guardians of the Galaxy Disabler Vendor Alleyway Knowhere
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  • Head down the alley and you should see a vendor standing behind a table with parts on it.
  • Interact with them and they will offer you a Disabler for 1500 Galactic Units.
  • It's your choice if you buy it or not.

You can only buy the Disabler on your first trip to Knowhere early in the game.

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Should You Buy the Disabler on Knowhere?

If you want to buy it then you can but the Disabler from Knowhere doesn't seem to serve its purpose at all in the game. The Nova Disabler installed on your ship will still be active if you do or don't buy the one from the vendor on Knowhere.

The only reason to buy the Disabler is that it's one of the items for your Galactic Compendium that goes towards an achievement later on.

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