How to Skip Missions in GTA Vice City

Tommy Vercetti riding a motorcycle through Vice City streets
Credit: Rockstar Games

Tommy Vercetti riding a motorcycle through Vice City streets
Credit: Rockstar Games

GTA Vice City is one of the most iconic games to have been created by Rockstar Games. Released back in 2002, this game was hailed for its narrative and story telling via some really iconic missions.

That being said, the game will be receiving a full remaster that's been due for a while now. With the remaster finally upon us, many new players would be wondering if they could skip missions in GTA Vice City.

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How to skip missions in GTA Vice City?

Truth be told, you cannot skip any mission in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition through any in-game action button. Each any every mission in the game serves as a milestone for you to complete.

And without completing the first milestone, you cannot really move on to the next. Yes, there are multiple sub-plots that branch out from the first few missions that you get.

As you progress, those sub-plots merge back into the main storyline itself. So skipping them isn't really an option.

However, there is one way in which you can actually skip missions, but I wouldn't recommend that method. You can do so by downloading save files off the internet and placing it in the folder where your GTA Vice City save files exist.

These save files that you download off the internet are usually zipped. So once you've downloaded them, you need to copy the files that you've just extracted and paste them in the following path:

“C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files"

Once you've successfully done this, you'll be able to load the game from after the mission you've wanted to skip.

But do remember, not all save files are trustworthy. Some may corrupt your original save files for good, making you start the game from scratch. And in worst case scenarios, some may even contain a virus that could infect your computer.

So, please don't skip these iconic missions in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition! Finish them, and enjoy the lovely storyline that the game has to offer!

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