GTA 6 Has Reportedly Restarted Development Several Times

We've had little to no news about Grand Theft Auto 6, and it turns out there's probably a good reason why. A new leak from Rockstar Mag claims it restarted development several times and has been Rockstar's most chaotic project yet (thanks, GamesRadar).

Rockstar Mag’s Chris Klippel said that GTA 6 restarted development several times, usually because of changes to the main scenario. The development team reportedly started working on the game in 2014, but changed the main story, important side quests, and other vital parts of the game so many times, even leakers aren't able to keep up with what's current.

Klippel said the troubles are even greater than Rockstar experienced during work on Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 4.

"I can tell you it has been confirmed to me - and I can't go into details - to date it is Rockstar's most chaotic project since its creation," he said.

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GTA 6 Has Restarted Development Several Times According To A Game Insider

Rockstar wanted to reveal the game in spring 2020, but another reboot in 2019 kept that from happening. Klippel also said Dan Houser leaving Rockstar might have prompted one of those reboots, though offered no further details on the extent of Houser's involvement in the project.

It's been eight years since GTA 5 released, and while it's probably going to be a while longer before we hear anything concrete about GTA 6, we do have the GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition and yet another version of GTA 5 to keep us busy while we wait.

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