Here's Our First Look at GTA Definitive Edition

Rockstar released the first GTA Definitive Edition trailer and a batch of screenshots highlighting the numerous changes they've made to the three included games.

The most immediately obvious change is that textures actually exist now. Building materials, clothing, even curtains inside homes have distinct appearances. There's enhanced lightning, shown off to brilliant effect in the remastered night chase scenes.

Character models have more defined features as well, though it's already causing some division among fans.

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Here's Our First Look at GTA Definitive Edition

"Y’all keep calling it a remaster when it’s not even that lmao," one Twitter user wrote in response to the announcement. Another lamented the style, saying "Oh god what have they done to Tommy."

Still, plenty more were happy enough with Rockstar's efforts, especially those who played the original on PlayStation instead of Xbox.

Another improvement over the consoles of old is that all three games feature controls inspired by GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition San Andreas will release on Xbox Game Pass at launch (November 11), and Grand Theft Auto 3 - Definitive Edition will be available on PlayStation Now starting December 7. If that's still not enough Grand Theft Auto for you, GTA Online is getting a standalone expansion in November coinciding with GTA 5's next-gen release.

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