GTA Definitive Edition’s Switch Version Requires an Extra Download With Physical Copies

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was officially revealed last week and it's made plenty of noise across the gaming community. Now, further information has been uncovered regarding the Nintendo Switch edition, which may require a separate download even if bought physically.

As reported by Direct-Feed Games, this was mentioned through a tweet which seems to confirm Nintendo are GTA's official distributor/publisher on Switch. Afterwards, they followed up by saying:

US retailers are now being provided assets and GTA - The Trilogy for Switch has a "Download Required" banner.

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GTA Definitive Edition May Require A Download For Its Physical Version

It's not quite the same as a day one patch, though. Physical editions on Switch sometimes require a larger download to even work, usually seen with third-party releases. When it's only got 64GB built-in storage, that can be a problem. However, it's expandable through Micro SD cards, up to 2TB.

With GTA's Definitive Edition, a retail listing on the North American Nintendo eShop suggests this will need 25GB, where the game is available for pre-order. Elsewhere, it's also listed on the Microsoft Store, requiring 49GB instead for the Xbox version. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates.

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