GTA Definitive Edition: How Big Is The File Size?

Wondering what the GTA Definitive Edition file size will be? Rockstar's remastered take on GTA III, Vice City, and San Andrea releases November 11 PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, though, as always, the file size varies depending on your platform.

Knowing how big the whole trilogy would be is very vital for everyone who wants to grab a copy of it, though it looks like we might have to wait a bit longer to know for sure what it'll be like on each platform.

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GTA Definitive Edition File Size

There is still no confirmation about how big is the file size of GTA Definitive Edition per platform, though the Microsoft Store lists it as 49GB on Xbox.

The Switch version comes in at 25GB, which raises some questions over whether the full trilogy will be on a game card when the physical version launches.

As for the PlayStation platform, PlayStation Game Size lists the trilogy's whole file size at around 38GB - comprised of 5.293GB for GTA 3, 10.768GB for Vice City, and 22.679GB for San Andreas. Though it is still not official as of the moment, the source has been known as a reliable information leaker in the industry. But we will update this immediately once the official info will be released.

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