How to Get a Tank in GTA Vice City

You could always steal a tank in GTA Vice City
Credit: Rockstar Games

You could always steal a tank in GTA Vice City
Credit: Rockstar Games

A tank is one of the strongest vehicles in GTA Vice City. The funniest part about this vehicle is the fact that whenever you hit another car with this, the other car explodes.

That being said, getting your hands on this vehicle may be a tad bit difficult. Once you've added it to your garage, it's for yours to keep for good.

Here's how you get your very own Rhino Tank in GTA Vice City.

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How to get a tank in GTA Vice City?

There are three specific methods in which you can get a tank in GTA Vice City. The first method is via a cheat code, which you can find in our extensive list of GTA Vice City cheat codes.

Here are the remaining methods:

#1 6-Star Wanted Level

Whenever you hit a 6-star wanted level in GTA Vice City, the army is involved. And the army brings a tank along with them ( no brownie points for guessing that.)

But how do you get a 6-star wanted level?

That's pretty easy. All you need to do is head over to any populated area in GTA Vice City and start shooting people. Once the cops come and you've managed to get a 2-star wanted level, keep shooting at the waves of cops that arrive.

Keep on doing that till you hit 6-stars and then wait for the army. Once the army is in, and you see a tank, shoot the tank driver and then drive away in your very own tank. Ignore the scratches on the body though.

#2 Storyline Mission

There's one particular mission that has you steal a tank. Colonel Cortez hands out this mission in GTA Vice City.

In the mission "Sir, Yes Sir!" by Colonel Cortez, you need to steal a tank. Sounds easy but it isn't easy at all.

You need to steal a tank and get it to a certain location within a set amount of time. Fail to do so, and the tank will explode. Now, instead of getting to the set location, all you need to do is drive to one of your houses and park the tank inside your garage.

Exit the tank and walk out of your garage but stay at a distance where the door won't close. All you need to do now, is wait.

Move out of the blast radius just before the timer runs out. The garage door will close but you'll still have a fully functional tank because the garage repairs your vehicles to their prime conditions.

And that is how you get a tank in GTA Vice City. Just don't break that thing!

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