GTA Trilogy’s Getting Review Bombed on All Platforms

To this day, many fans still love Rockstar's classic Grand Theft Auto games. So, when they recently announced GTA Definitive Edition contained enhanced versions of III, Vice City, and San Andreas, players were understandably excited.

However, since launching last week, Rockstar's seen strong criticism for this package over bugs, pricing, and being taken down almost immediately on PC. Currently, most outlets are still preparing reviews, so only the PS5 version has an aggregate Metacritic score at 64.

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GTA Trilogy’s Getting Review Bombed on All Platforms

As such, many fans have demanded refunds and begun review bombing it. At the time of writing, each edition sits at the following user score:

It's not all bad news for Rockstar, though. Despite these issues, some fans remain vocally supportive of GTA Trilogy's Definitive Edition and elsewhere, Grand Theft Auto V sold another 5 million copies last quarter. We'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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