All Hidden Package Locations In GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

Hidden Packages in GTA Vice City offers a bunch of special weapons on top of the $100 reward each for collecting them. However, given that there are 100 Hidden Packages across the map of GTA Vice City, players will need to do a bit of exploring to collect them all.

Apart from weapons and money, players can also receive special vehicles like the Rhino Tank and the Sea Sparrow by collecting a certain number of hidden packages.

These Hidden Packages can be spotted by their Green Tiki Statue-like design. Players can simply walk through these revolving items to collect them in the game.

Having said that, let's dive in and check out all the rewards that can be unlocked by collecting hidden packages in GTA Vice City.

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Hidden Packages Rewards

Given that there are 100 Hidden packages across the map and collecting each of them rewards $100, players can earn a total of $10,000 by collecting all the packages hidden across the map.

Apart from the money, players will unlock several weapons and vehicles based on the number of Hidden Packages they unlock. These rewards along with the number of required packages are:

  • 10 Packages - Body Armor
  • 20 Packages - Chainsaw
  • 30 Packages - Colt Python
  • 40 Packages - Flamethrower
  • 50 Packages - Combat Sniper
  • 60 Packages - Minigun
  • 70 Packages - Rocket Launcher
  • 80 Packages - Sea Sparrow available near Vercetti Estate
  • 90 Packages - Rhino Tank available at Fort Baxter Air Base
  • 100 Packages - $100,000

With that out of the way, let's check out all the 100 locations where players can find a hidden package in GTA Vice City.

Hidden Packages Locations - Interactive Map

Using this Map Genie embed, players can locate all the available Hidden Packages located across the map of GTA Vice City.

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