The GTA Definitive Edition Remasters Are So Broken

The GTA Definitive Edition remasters are here, but maybe they shouldn't be. Fans eagerly embraced the chance to experience Rockstar's groundbreaking games after nearly two decades, though it seems the trilogy has a fair few problems Rockstar needs to iron out.

Those who bought the PC version can't even play the game yet. It's only available through the Rockstar Launcher, which Rockstar has had offline since shortly after the games released November 11. As of the time of writing, service has yet to be restored.

You might not be missing out on much, though. The remasters are plagued with glitches and graphical bugs so far, and fans are less than pleased about it.

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The GTA Definitive Edition Remasters Are So Broken

One Redditer posted a nightmarish video of what happens when you look back while riding the quad bike.

Another showed one of Carl Johnson's conversations being rudely interrupted by a speeding car colliding with him and one of the Grove Street gang.

Carl's luck improves a bit in this next video. A car comes speeding out of nowhere and crashes into him, but deals remarkably little damage in the process. Another video shows Carl's torso disappearing completely if you crouch, then zoom the camera in.

GTA 3 has its share of problems as well. Harlem50 posted a video showing a group of police officers chasing them, then when they finally catch up, they attack the other officers and run away.

All three games are riddled with typos too, many of which weren't present in the original.

The environments receive unanimous praise, and while the textures and assets are undoubtedly better than their PS2 counterparts, there is one drawback. San Andreas and Liberty City don't look quite so impressively big when you can see the vast, empty world around them.

So far, Rockstar has yet to comment on the remasters' problems or offer a timeline when the Rockstar Launcher might be running again.

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